How To Use a Miter Saw

What is a miter saw? A miter saw is a saw that can cut across a board. It can also cut across the board at a 90 degree angle at a 45 degree angle and a bunch of other angles.

Now let’s talk about the miter saw and all of its parts. There is a sharp blade and a guard, the guard protects the blade when you lower the saw to make a cut and as well as the guard moves up and out of the way.

Next is, you have a fence! The fence is where you hold your board against and it helps you keep the board stable and steady as well as straight as you make your cut.

Another part you have is the miter gauge. It’s the angle gauge on the table that helps make angled cuts across the board. There is a liver or a knob to loosen and turn the table to set to the angle you want. Almost all sauce comes with built in angle stops to make common angles to help you.

Now the beveled gauge is under or behind the blade and it helps you to measure the tilt of your blade. Of course, then you have your handle and your trigger. When you operate the saw you hold the handle and press the trigger to operate the saw.

Also you need a miter saw stand to hold it

Let’s see about the different types of miter saw. Miter saws come in different sizes and have different capabilities.  The pricing of the miter saw depends on all of those factors. The first thing is the miter saw blade size that comes starting at seven and a half inches to almost twelve or fourteen inches.

Apart from that, you have a few other options for the miter saw itself. You can get a single beveled saw, which means that the blade tilts in only one direction. The another one you can also get a double bevel compound saw which means that the blade tilts in both directions. You can also get a sliding compound miter saw, which means that the blade slides out giving you the capability to cut wider boards.

So let’s check out the different types of cuts:-

The first cut is a crosscut, which is basically a simple 90 degree cut across the board. The next type of cut is and a miter cut which is basically an angled cut across. For example, a 45 degree is a very common angle cut.

Next is a beveled cut, which is basically an angled cut. Across the thickness of the board, this is achieved by tilting the saw blade using the bevel gauge. Then you have the compound cut which is basically a combination of the miter and the beveled cut. Now you know all about the parts of the miter saw and all the different kinds of cuts. If you have doubts, feel free to hit your comments in the box. Have a great day!

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