• How to Sweep the Floor or Yard Properly

    One of the trusty cleaning tools in any home is a broom. Most people, especially the baby boomers, know what a broom is and have probably used one in their lifetime. There are indoor brooms and outdoor brooms. But it might surprise you that there are different brooms, such as standard, straw, angled, and push brooms. Getting the right broom will make cleaning faster and more effective.

    Most people sweep with a broom by pushing the dirt and debris away from them. However, according to cleaning experts, there is a proper way How to Sweep the Floor or Yard Properly. Here’s a valuable sweeping tip: sweep toward you rather than away. The method will help control the stack of debris and minimize the amount of dust that sweeping generates.

    Choose the type of broom

    Finding a broom that will fit the type of floor in your home is important. You can use a synthetic broom if you have smooth floors. Purchase a natural fiber broom if your floor is rougher. An angled broom will effectively clean tight spaces and under cabinets. Also, the height of the broom matters. A short broom can cause lower backaches after a time. Likewise, choose a broom that is not too heavy so you can manage it easily. Consider a rubber broom if you want a broom that effectively removes dirt and is suitable for most floors. 

    How to sweep the floor

    Even if several gadgets are available to help clean the home, classic brooms are still irreplaceable. You use a broom for quick pickup or extensive cleaning of floors or yards. Start sweeping in the corners and sweep toward you in smooth, short motions. Use a dustpan frequently to avoid dragging the piles of dirt across the cleaned areas.

    1. Choose a place to start. When you sweep the room, choose the best method and starting point. Some people start along the walls, pushing the dirt, dust, and debris into a pile in the center of the room. Other people prefer to start at one end of the room toward the other end. Starting from the farthest corner toward the door is another method some people prefer. Use short or long sweeping motions, ensuring continuous contact with the floor. However, avoid pressing the broom strands into the floor.
    2. Sweep the dirt into a pile. Avoid dragging the dust and dirt you swept across the room. Instead, gather them into small piles, and sweep them into a dustpan. Then, throw them into a trashcan or bag, so they do not scatter around the clean floor. 

    Maintaining your broom

    You might think that a broom is a cheap and disposable cleaning tool. However, a few easy steps can make your broom last longer.

    After using a broom, wash the bristles and the handle. For a deeper clean of natural or synthetic bristles, soak the broom for 30 minutes in warm, soapy water, and use a disinfectant on the handle. Rinse the broom with warm water and hang it to dry.  

    Brooms are effective for quick clean-ups and something you should have in your home, even if you already have some nifty cleaning gadgets.

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