• How To Style Your Bedroom With The Best Hybrid Mattresses

    A hybrid mattress is a combination of two or more support systems, like latex and memory foam, providing sleepers several benefits, such as pressure-relief, good back support, and superior sleep comfort. While hybrid mattresses usually have higher prices than other types of mattresses, they tend to last longer and promote healthy sleep, which is worth the cost.

    There are plenty of bedroom design ideas to help make your bedroom a more comfortable place to sleep. One aspect of which is investing in the right mattress. So, how do you style your bedroom with a hybrid mattress? What are the design elements and considerations when styling a bedroom to promote a sounder sleep?

    Below are some helpful tips to make your bedroom a more comfortable place to sleep by styling it with a hybrid mattress.

    Promote a Relaxing Bedroom Design

    You can make your bedroom more relaxing by investing in a trusted brand of a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses make a wise investment because they are more durable than memory foam mattresses, and a lot more comfortable than innerspring mattresses. Moreover, hybrid mattresses provide pressure relief and comfort through the use of infused memory foam layers, which helps sleepers achieve a comfortable sleeping position and posture. This is especially true with hybrid air foam mattresses, where air factors into support and cooling. Hybrid mattresses are very relaxing because they use gel-infused memory foam, which reduces the heat retention of the mattress brought about by warm body temperature, diffusing heat away from the body.

    Do you have problems choosing between a hybrid and a foam mattress? Well, each type of mattress has its own benefits and drawbacks. Check this hybrid vs. foam article to learn more.

    Here’s how you can promote a relaxing bedroom design while using a hybrid mattress:

    • Incorporating relaxing bedroom elements, such as nature-view art wall painting or picture, is a good idea. You can paint your bedroom wall with blue or a subtle or neutral color to promote rest and sleep.
    • Install beautiful window treatment depending on the season. For instance, sheer curtains are perfect during summer and velvet curtains provide warmth during winter. Your curtain can help regulate the light and heat entering your bedroom which promotes better rest and sleep.

    Pair Your Hybrid Mattress With Quality Bedding

    Great bed linen is important because it’s a focal point in every bedroom. You can play around bedroom design ideas using bed linen sets because they come in various styles, colors, and patterns.

    Whether you’re welcoming guests at home or designing your master bedroom, the first thing a person will notice will be the looks of the bed. However, many homeowners overlook the importance of quality bedding.

    Here are some tips when choosing quality bed linens:

    • Cotton Bed Sheets: A fresh and crispy laundered bed sheet that is made of cotton is a source of sheer delight. Cotton material is breathable and very comfortable. It’s also hypoallergenic or gentle on the skin.
    • Insulation: Choose bed sheets according to the season or weather. For instance, you’ll need a thicker material to keep you comfortably warm during the winter season. During summertime, you can use thinner sheets with summer designs, like floral or beach-inspired bed sheets.
    • Great Quality: Since most homeowners rarely want to replace and wash their bed linens often, ensure to purchase high-quality sheets and pillowcases. You can choose soft bed linens, like sateen, silk, and cotton. Choose a breathable fabric with beautiful prints that are perfectly combined with a greater sense of quality and character.

    Always arrange your bed upon waking up in the morning to ensure that your bedroom is always clean and neat to look at. Doing so will give you a better perspective before you leave home for work and upon arriving after a busy day, which helps reduce stress and anxiety caused by a cluttered bedroom.

    Choose the Perfect Pillows

    Choosing the best hybrid mattress is as important as choosing the perfect high-quality pillows for you. A worn-out pillow can hinder you from getting a night of sound sleep. Your pillow provides adequate support so you can achieve a healthy sleep posture. If the neck and shoulders are propped at an angle or aren’t getting enough support, you’ll end up having twisted, craned, and crunched body alignment and strained neck, back, and shoulders.

    Furthermore, you’d need to replace your pillows if they have sweat stains, torn, or they smell awful. Remember that pillows tend to collect dust mites, dead skin cells, mold, mildew, and fungus, wherein the weight of your pillow can be attributed to unwelcome microorganisms and minute insects and pests that can trigger an allergy. Worse, they can penetrate in your mattress and affect the functionality and longevity of your bed.

    Pillows are either made of wool, cotton, or latex. Wool pillows are mold-resistant, naturally hypo-allergenic, and dust mite-resistant. They wick away moisture from the head and neck. Also, wool pillows help regulate body temperature during sleep. Choose alpaca wool instead of cashmere fibers if you want all the benefits of wool without being too firm. Latex pillows tend to hold their shape well while cotton pillows are breathable and very comfortable.

    Here are some helpful tips and tricks when decorating your bedroom using pillows:

    • Use decorative pillowcases with the best prints or patterns, and color of your choice. You can easily create a theme using beautiful pillowcases. Match your bedsheets with your pillowcases or choose colors in contrast to a bolder look.
    • If you have allergic reactions or sensitive skin, feathers and down are not recommended. Choose hypo-allergenic down or “hypodown” pillows which are cleaned blend of  ‘syriaca’, a natural substance and pure down.
    • When it comes to power fill of pillows, 600 and higher is a clear sign of a high-quality natural down or synthetic pillow. However, it doesn’t mean that your pillow will last for a lifetime.


    Quality sleep can be influenced by a quality mattress, bed sheets, pillowcases, and pillows. Choosing premium-quality bed elements can make a big difference in your comfort during sleep. You can incorporate bedroom decor with the relaxing and comfortable feel and look of a hybrid mattress, along with your bed linens and pillows, creating the perfect haven for you to have a good night’s sleep every time.

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