5 Decorative Features for Minimalist Bedroom Decor

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Minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean boring. It can be a challenge to make the room design interesting and functional with less furniture, but it isn’t impossible. With minimalist approach, you try to make the room more inviting by letting more natural light in and opening up the space. Without too many furniture pieces, the accent is on the simplicity and functionality of the space. In general, the main problem with room design is that too much furniture creates clutter and claustrophobic environment. That’s why we created a list of 5 reasons why you should consider minimalist approach to design.

Aesthetically Pleasing Bed

When there isn’t a lot of furniture in the bedroom, the bed is the centerpiece of the room. A minimalist bed can be both practical and a fashion statement. It is practical because of the storage space underneath, and adding a touch of colour isn’t forbidden. A minimalist design looks clean and sharp, and the basic colour is white or some similar neutral colour like beige or grey. You can break the monotony by adding a pop of colour on your pillows, rug or the painting on the wall. A low-slung platform bed makes the ceiling look higher and can be beautifully incorporated into the minimalist space.

Natural Light

Giant windows that draw the natural light in will make the room visually larger. When it comes to curtains, it’s a matter of preference or a privacy concern, but without it, the space will look brighter and more peaceful because of the large amount of natural light. Less furniture and more light is a perfect mixture for adding more dimension to the room and make the space feel more zen. A full length mirror is also an artificial way to imitate natural light and add depth to the room.

Simple Bedding

Keep it simple with a high-quality white mattress and a silk pillowcase from Ecosa. For instance, the combination of grey silk pillowcase and grey sheets will accentuate the whiteness of the bed and warmer grey shades will make the space warmer and more inviting. A streamlined simple bed frame will go perfectly with the simplicity of the decor. You can also choose a frameless bed, for an effortlessly stylish look.

Organized Art

If you are leaning towards minimalist bedroom style, your art has to represent this style also. When it comes to artwork, pay attention to the dimension of the picture. A picture that is too large can disrupt the cohesion of the organized space. For example, you can frame some of your photos and hang them in an organized fashion. As we already mentioned, you can break the monotony with some painting colour and add some visual interest to the room.

Minimalist Nature

A plant in a pot matches the aesthetics of the minimalist bedroom decor. It is a natural, organic and simple way to refresh your sleep environment, without overwhelming the space. The colour of the pot can pair beautifully with the colour or texture of the rug. An indoor plant adds more character and intimacy to the space and matches bare walls perfectly. Plants could serve as an accent piece, but also clean the air and enhance your mood.

Minimalist space represents a clean and organized space with no clutter. It is easy to move in such an environment and also easily find the things you need on a daily basis. Moreover, the space is easy to clean and rearrange. What decorative features do you like the most? Would you ever choose minimalist bedroom design? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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