How To Renovate A House On A Small Budget

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Renovating or remodelling your house can be costly, and getting it done is often challenging and overwhelming.

One important thing to note when renovating your house is to work with the existing structure, especially when working with a small budget. 

The renovation also requires proper planning. You need to picture what you want and plan towards it. 

Also, do not attempt to rush things – take your time to check and compare prices and also choose durable materials like composite wood which will last longer and you won’t have to renovate regularly.

Ways you can Renovate a House with a Small Budget

Update your Floor

Flooring can do wonders to your home, and there are many alternatives to boring wood. For instance, one of the most popular flooring choices amongst homeowners is composite decking. When renovating, consider using composite wood.

The benefits of wood effect garden decking boards are usually overlooked. Composite looks realistic, but with a lot less maintenance than natural wood.

You won’t have to worry about rot, termites, expansion or contraction, splinters, or literally any of the issues that come with traditional wood. As an added advantage, composite wood is fire-resistant, so you and your family stay safe.

Most homeowners spend so much time trying to renovate their home’s interior that they put minimal effort into their garden flooring and landscaping.

DIY What You Can

Want to renovate a house on a small budget? Try and do most or at least some of the work yourself. Be your own project manager and interior designer.

Although some other things require you to hire experts and professionals, try to do the little things yourself. This is another way you can cut cuts. 

You can watch YouTube videos to learn some simple skills, but be careful not to hurt yourself or damage anything. Also, feel free to ask your friends and relatives for help. Remember, you are working on a budget so extra free hands will come in handy.

Borrow or Rent Tools

As you are trying to cut the costs of renovating your house, it is not advisable to buy new tools. If large equipment is needed, consider renting. You can also look to neighbours, friends and family for other tools you may need.

Freshen Up your Walls

Your walls can make a huge difference in how your home looks after renovation. You will be amazed at what a fresh paint job can do.

Sometimes, you do not have to hire a professional painter, and you can do most of the work yourself. However, when it may be unsafe for you to paint parts of your house, it is best to give it to an expert.

White will always remain a great option for your walls. Some people do not like it because it tends to get dirty quickly, but white paint on your walls will immediately pump life into your rooms and freshen things up.

Create an Instant Lawn or Renovate your Garden

A lawn in the front yard or backyard is a great way to renovate your house on a small budget. It does not have to be big. With an ultra-realistic artificial lawn, you can add some greenery to your outdoor space.

You won’t have to bother about weeding, and all you need is to vacuum clean it often. As it’s not real, it will not dry out or yellow in the hot sun.

You can also use the remaining composite materials for the fencing. The natural look will bring vibrancy to your garden and your house at large.

Change Doors, Windows 

A new paint job can work, but if your doors, especially the front door has had its day, you should invest in a new one. It is also a great way to make a first impression, and the striking change tells your visitors something is different.

Also, look into improving your window. You can get a professional to help you repair, clean or change it. 

Don’t forget the blinds. New curtains and blinds can spruce up any room; if you can make yours, great! You will be saving a lot of money.

Open Up Space 

Another way to renovate your house if you are on a small budget is to open up your space. You can merge rooms by removing a wall. This can make your house feel brand new, but ensure you confirm if the wall is load-bearing.

If it’s a non-load-bearing wall, the cost is usually minimal. However, if the wall is important to your house’s structure, consider skipping this project.

Kitchen and Bathroom 

When renovating on a small budget, ensure at least one of your bathrooms is upgraded. You don’t have to revamp everything, make a few changes to your bathroom wall and water closet.

You can also build your kitchen cabinet from recycled materials or simply paint the ones you have to make them look new. 

Don’t be tempted to buy new dining chairs; be creative with the ones you have. You don’t have to change all the accessories – repair, repaint, renew.