• How Can I Make My Backyard Look Expensive?

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    Home enhancements are not only for improvements or preference, but they can also affect your property’s value. As it can either add or decrease in value depending on what you add, you must take time to choose the right enhancements to make

    A simple adjustment made to your backyard can remarkably shoot its price up and make it look expensive. You can enhance your backyard with a garden, patio, poolside, among many others.

    However, you must do it right because an intended enhancement can become a poor investment if not done properly.

    For instance, an ugly-looking patio or garden can make your house look basic. If you are selling the house, a prospective buyer might consider the costs of tearing down the backyard before making an offer.

    From choosing plantings for your garden, fountains, planters and fireplace for your patio as well as flooring and fencing, there are many ways you can make your backyard look expensive.

    Ways You Can Improve your Backyard to Make it Look Expensive

    You can improve your backyard without straining your budget. With a few additions and possibly some subtractions, you can turn your backyard into first class.

    To make your backyard look expensive, consider looking into these:

    Invest in your Backyard Flooring and Fencing

    One of the best and widely-used ways you can shoot you house price up is by using composites for your flooring and fencing. You can use them for flooring your patio and fencing your garden. 

    Installing a deck in your backyard is not just for aesthetics, but for added comfort too.

    Composites are ultra-low maintenance decking materials with superior durability that can last up to 50 years. So will not have to worry about any major improvements to your backyard in a long time.

    Since composite decks require little maintenance and have a longer lifespan than other deck types, it has more value than others. 

    For example, a good composite deck can offer value of up to 68%. This is why many homeowners add composite decks to their homes and backyards to make it look luxurious.

    They can also be used for your garden fencing, and they provide a natural appeal with lavish tones that stay vibrant throughout their lifetime irrespective of the weather. 

    This is because most composite materials, whether it is wood effect fencing panels, composite cladding or composite decking, have ingredients that are UV resistant and will stay smooth and splinter-free for long. This is the reason why composite products are the best wood alternative.

    Prioritise Seating

    When building your patio, place a priority on the seating arrangements. Whether you are building your patio with only friends and family in mind or expecting large gatherings in the future, good chairs, tables, and arrangements are important.

    Your seating arrangement’s first rule is to plan at least 4 square feet of space for each person. Also, for smaller patios, look to use seating options that come in a set. 

    Consider a Pool or Water Feature

    A pool or water feature may sound like it will rip you off all your money, but contrary to most people’s beliefs, it does not always have to be some large investment.

    You also do not need a professional to install one, and it may, in fact, take less than an hour to install. You can look into sconces, a patio fountain kit or a bubbling urn.

    Use Proper Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most vital yet usually neglected aspects of backyard design. You can make small changes to your backyard and have good lighting turn it into an expensive-looking one.

    String lights are cost-effective forms of lighting and can transform your outdoor space. To make your lights bright and energy-efficient, look to get LED bulbs.

    Be Bold, but Choose Colours Wisely

    Sometimes, all you need to do is repaint. Fresh painting can do wonders to your backyard. While greys and browns are some of the conventional colours for your patio, you can switch things up with a few contrasting colours that give a luxurious feel.

    Gardening and Landscaping

    Your backyard is an extension of your home so you should treat it as such. To make your backyard look expensive, you must always maintain it.

    Besides your patio, it is good practice to own a small garden with various colourful flowers and plants. You can also plant trees and not only will it make your backyard and the whole house look expensive, but trees also add real value to your property.

    When designing your garden, consider using rocks and carefully placed mulches to give a luxurious and stylish look. If you are unsure you can maintain it, go for green grass instead. 

    Due to some difficulty in maintaining grass, you can go for fake grass instead. You can also use crushed gravel or limestone for the paths and stone pavements to reduce the area covered with grass.

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