How to Paint a Garage Door

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Painting a garage door requires different factors to be taken into consideration. Some of these are the materials the door is made from, the current condition of the door and even the manner in which it is positioned or fitted. Most garage door can be painted by the owner but depending on the current condition of the door and the available time the owner have then he might consider hiring a professional to decorate the job for him.

Garage door colors
Some of the garage door colors are white, gray, dark brown and beige. The garage doors do not actually need to match the front door especially when you are owning a powerful front door colours such as red or yellow. You should consider matching the garage doors and to your house.
Choosing the Right Paint It is important to consider paints that are specifically meant for garage doors when painting garage doors. It is advisable to purchase small samples of several different colors and test them to see what you might best prefer. This method might be expensive but it might turn out to be very helpful.
In the case of steel garage doors, it is important to note that the paint you may need to apply is suitable as some paints may not last well on steel door surfaces. There are some specific door paints such as those by Hammerite’s door paint and Dulux weather shield which is specifically made for both wood and metal surfaces. Bedeck Barn Paint is made suitable for both wood and metal door including the those made from steel and usually comes in different ranges such as satin, semi-gloss and matt. Suitable primers should be chosen for the garage doors as some door paints offer a two one application.

Some of the important tools required in the painting process include step ladder, wire brush, masking tape, protective gloves, the chosen garage door paint and a sugar paint or similar detergent if the latter is not available. The process of painting the door is discussed below

Begin by cleaning the door surface by using a soapy solution with warm water and rinse off all the products and leave it to dry.

2: Removal of Door furniture Door handles, hinges and the brackets should be removed or be covered by a tape.


You should then sand the doors and consider using wire brush in the case of metal doors. Sandpapers are a good ordeal for timber door. Make sure there is no hanging materials left on the door.


You should begin by priming the door unless you are using the double up products such as the primer. A paintbrush of about three to five inches should be considered for this job. Let it then dry after checking for any available paint run.

You should paint the doors using a larger brush and a small brush specifically for the edges of the door. Do the painting from top to bottom on the vertical panel doors and side to side painting with the horizontal panel doors. It is not usually necessary to remove the doors for painting. Two coats are usually required in this process and then later allow it to dry thoroughly between the coats.

6: DRY
Allow the door to dry for at least twelve hours or for the time stated on the paints after painting. Lastly, clean up the brushes used in painting with suitable solvents


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