• How to maximize your rooftop space

    Rooftops usually have ample space, which we can turn into something usable. Once done properly, it will also increase our home value. In this article, we are presenting some practical ideas to make your rooftop beautiful and functional at the same time.


    Rooftop gardens are suitable for people who love gardening but have limited yard space. They offer an eye-catching view while improving air quality. They make our living area comfortable by decreasing the overall heat. Due to their excellent insulation, they also retain heat on cold days. As a result, you don’t have to use AC and heater frequently. As plants absorb sound waves, they can significantly reduce noise pollution in urban places. Above all, you will get closer to nature which will keep you mentally happy. Their fresh vibe can make you feel relaxed by eliminating stress after a tiring day. Green vegetation and colorful flowers will attract wildlife, making that place livelier than ever!

    Comfortable seating arrangement

    We all love to spend family time in an open outdoor place. So, rooftop seating can be perfect for relaxing, gossiping, and eating snacks. You should determine the size of the seating zone depending on how much available space the terrace has. Just place a few chairs or sofa around a small table, and you’re done. If your rooftop is sunny, you may want to add a canopy, pergola, large umbrella, etc. For decoration, you can use some plain curtains, soft lighting, and flower vessels.

    Swimming pool

    A swimming pool is a great investment to enhance the visual aesthetics. It will bring a touch of luxury to your home, benefiting you commercially. Plus, you can enjoy some private time with your spouse and children. The best part is, you don’t have to share it with outsiders, and none will see you swimming. Therefore, you can use it whenever you want. Since it is placed in an elevated location, it won’t get dirty soon. Thus, it requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, a rooftop pool doesn’t need additional home space. Homeowners who face ground space constraints should go for it.


    The trend of constructing an outdoor kitchen has been on the rise nowadays. Rooftop ones are ideal for bbq parties, New Year celebrations, and small family gatherings. They usually consist of outdoor bars, refrigerators, small utensil sets, built-in grills, cabinets, sink, dishwasher, ceramic smoker, etc. You don’t have to rush into the indoor kitchen in the middle of a party anymore. You can experiment with various layouts, color palettes, kitchen tiles, accessories, lighting, and decorations as per your choice. Homes with such a cooking space are more likely to grab potential buyers’ eyes. You’ll definitely achieve a massive return on investment if you ever plan to sell the home.

    Bird feeder

    Feeding birds is an excellent act of kindness. It is helpful for our ecosystem as well. You can either buy specialized containers named bird feeders or make DIY feeders using small pots, bowls, and bottles. Next, you’ve to fill them up with food and water and set them in a convenient place. If you keep doing it regularly, your rooftop will always be full of different bird species. You can pet them, form a special bond, or simply observe their beautiful movements sitting in a chair. Many bird-lovers also install a small birdbath so that birds can take a quick shower there.

    Solar panel

    People have been focusing on green renewable energy to save the environment in recent times. Solar panels are a popular power source, which converts sun rays into electricity or heating. They are cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. The supply of electricity rarely meets the demand in populated areas. In this situation, solar panels can help the residents. Sunny areas like a rooftop are a great place to install them. Before that, you have to estimate how much power your household activities consume and how many panels you’ll need to obtain it. Consult an expert to get help in the overall process.

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