How to Make Outdoor Heaters Work More Efficiently?

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Modern outdoor heaters are not a mere luxury these days. They are vital to our outgoing extravagant lifestyles wherein we all want weekly outdoor tweetups or just get alongs and play jazz. With winters setting in, our focus shifts on the outdoor heating solutions that are plentily available in the market. In an outdoor space, heating becomes a crucial aspect since there are no walls to hold the heat in. Well, there are a lot of heating options available that get fueled by say- propane, natural gas, electric, or wood. Each one of them has their own perks. Well, there are more cons in a few of them than the perks. But majorly the most suggested ones are the electric and gas radiant heaters. They are less tedious and easier to maintain. Plus, they run on a constant supply of fuel be it gas or electricity. There is no tiresome job involved like cleaning the wood ashes and coals post usage.

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Things About Patio Heaters that You Need to Know

Electric Heaters- Like discussed earlier, patio heaters are a must these days. Electric heaters are really flexible because of their source type and also they are advantageous in windy areas as there is no risk of heaters blowing out. Mountings are easier and they require smaller clearance. They look elegant, minimal and stylish in a well designed space. Moreover, they demand very little maintenance and it is easier to just wipe off the dust. 

Gas Heaters- Gas heaters are available in natural gas and propane gas types. They do require at least 25% of the space to be open for an appropriate functioning. They are known for their powerful heat supply. Additionally, they are ideal for larger, well-ventilated spaces and can be easily operated by a remote. 

InfraRed Heating Technology-  This technology more of detects heat in the objects than produce it. Traditional outdoor heaters tend to heat up the outdoor air to generate the heat. In such a case, there are high chances of the heat dispersing with the blowing wind. However, infrared heaters work upon heating the objects and people around which prevents this dispersion. They propel warmth onto the surrounding objects which will absorb this energy and slowly release it. Thus, a consistent pleasurable environment is created.

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How to Make Outdoor Heaters Run More Efficiently?

1. Choose the Right kind of Heaters

Having a gas or an electric heater is totally a personal choice depending upon the easier availability of the fuel source that it uses. If there is an existing gas line, a gas heater would make more sense. Electric heaters are popular because of their easy use, constant power supply, can be portable and are much safer to use. One could also consider the portable type according to their need and thus choosing the right type is crucial for efficient outdoor heating.

2. Scale up the space

Moreover, scale the patio heaters according to the space it needs to warm. A small patio won’t need a powerful heater but a large space would. Measure the square footage you are working with so as to know how far the heat needs to reach. This size appropriateness would ultimately help the heaters work better and with more efficiency according to the space. 

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3. Locating the Heater Outlet Units Appropriately

Do scale your patio heaters to the space that it is supposed to heat up. Locating the heater units is another factor. Since it is an open patio, it would require more or lesser heat according to the space functioning. One would need more heat and therefore, more units where the seating is arranged. Also, one can choose amongst the portable type, mounted type or the table top type. Each one has a unique identity and purpose according to the functioning and the usage of the patio. So plan the heaters accordingly for a more efficient heating experience. 

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4. Having an Adequate Space Height

To distribute heat properly a content space can hold the heat better. And the space height does play a major role here. Space height is also something that you have more control over than the other dimensions. An ideal clear height of 8-10 feets would work better than a double heighted space.


5. Calculating the Right BTUs Required

One BTU (British Thermal Unit) equals the amount of energy needed to heat or cool one pound of water by one degree at sea level. Most patio heaters have BTU outputs in the thousands or ten-thousands. To find out how many BTUs you will need, you need to determine the space’s cubic footage and multiply the number of degrees the space needs to be heated by (space cubic footage X change in temperature = BTUs needed). Now, take the BTUs needed and divide it by the BTUs a heater can produce and that is the number of heaters you will need. 

6. Getting Regular Servicing Done

This is rather obvious but the most important factor. The life of heaters does get prolonged with proper usage and regular servicing. It will help get rid of the unwanted debris stuck in the mesh and mechanisms inside and thus cleaner the heater unit the more efficient its output would be. Regular servicing just cannot be ignored.

Indeed, that was a lot to take in! It is of utmost importance to keep these factors in mind post and prior to installation for a comfortable and easier product usage. Well, there are top brands that do deliver the right and user friendly heating solutions that leave no worries post installation. The products and the services are so efficient that this tiresome job of choosing and installing gets as easy as pie. Unlike earlier days, heating solutions with high grade raw materials and technology are now available in India and world wide. This hunt ends here. Bromic Heating Solutions offer much more than their chief functioning. The products are easier to install, abide by the latest and one of a kind technology, and are sleek and stylish in their appearance. They offer all the appropriate heater types with elegant and voguish designs that are perfectly apt for your well designed interior-exterior spaces. 

Still confused? The right products for you are just a click away.

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  • Taking space and location into account when using outdoor heaters really sounds like a good idea. This would be a great way to provide heating coverage for our entire outdoor lounge so no one complains about cold spots while hanging out outdoors. I’ll take this into account when I go and ask an outdoor heater provider to help us out.

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