How to Make A Small Apartment Look Like A Mansion!

Everyone’s doing it in New York!

Since most apartment types in this chaotic city are too small, their tenants try to find ways to make them look bigger and more luxurious. However, what are the tactics they use?

A New Yorker woman says, characteristically: “I wanted a one-bedroom apartment with plenty of natural light, one bathroom, and a living room to sit in when I’m not sleeping. So, I’ve found an apartment just as I wanted it, but it was too small. I spoke with coworkers, friends, and neighbors, to get ideas on how to make my new small apartment look bigger. As it turned out, New Yorkers have found the ways. And so, after I learnt them, I applied them too in my own small space.”

Big mirrors make miracles.

As you can see from the picture above, a big mirror can be a great focal point.

To make your tiny living room bigger, put a large, long mirror facing the balcony door. It will reflect the natural light and make the whole room look a lot bigger.

In small apartments, no object has its own space.

Learn to use items you couldn’t imagine in decorating your house.
If you need a straw basket to store the bedroom’s items in the kitchen, then do it. Image is everything. Choose beautiful baskets that will give style points to any room they are in. Don’t restrict this decoration item only in the kitchen. Place baskets like that in any room of your home.

This particular New Yorker put, for example, her significant other’s surf board as a kitchen decoration. She put it in a corner and reinforced its image with plants and books. Integrate in your decorations items you can’t store anywhere.

If your bedroom is so small that it reminds you of a box, you just have to beautify it by adding plants in the area. You can even hung these plants on the ceiling if you don’t have enough space.

Become creative with storage.

This particular New Yorker used a bookcase to store her jeans, and put her out-of-season clothes in suitcases under the bed. You can put a ladder against a wall in your room, and use it to leave the next day’s clothes, your pajamas, or anything you have nowhere else to put.

Choose small furniture.

Don’t buy large furniture that take up too much space. For example, you can buy a thin and long TV stand that will have more length but less width. Get furniture with larger length and height but not width. This will save space in your little apartment.

For example, if you are a lover of classic and historic types of chairs such as the Chesterfield, Bergere, Fauteuil chair etc then resist the temptation to place such a furniture in your small apartment since it will take too much space.

Don’t buy many small furniture.

This sounds contradictory to the previous paragraph. A common mistake is buying too many little pieces of furniture. Buy a few, but a bit larger, pieces, that won’t “choke” your area (a large bed, a sofa, a coffee table). Besides, having fewer pieces of furniture makes combinations easier, and will help you in not falling into decoration errors.




Decorate with your cosmetics.

We hope the above tips will help you transform your little space into a bigger-looking area.If you have too many jewelry and too little storage, then you can do this: Take your prettiest cosmetics – jewelry, perfumes, etc. – and put them in beautiful tall vases or even smaller ones, in various spots in your house, as decorative elements.

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