How to Keep Your House Clean with Kids

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Are you struggling to keep your house clean because of your kids? Well, then here I have got some tips and tricks with the help from cleaners Birmingham on how to keep your house clean with kids. So, without much blabbering, let’s get right into it. Before you proceed with all these, the best thing to do is to teach your kids about keeping the house clean. Otherwise, nothing you do will matter in the end.

  1. Cleaning up the clutter

Every household gets cluttered daily. It’s just the action of random things kept in random places. This is something that you can solve very easily. The first thing to do is impose a rule where you have to keep certain stuff where they belong after you use them.

And secondly, you can clear every clutter you see. The fact here is that you can notice every clutter so, clean it whenever you come across one.

  1. Create a schedule for cleaning

You can create a cleaning routine for your kids. Yes, you heard me right; you can let your kids do some cleaning too, so they get to learn stuff. It doesn’t have to be any heavy cleaning.

For example, you can create a routine for them to clean their mess. Such as keeping their toys in place after playing, making the bed, help you set the table. You can also teach them to dust the furniture or water the plants.

  1. Have a cleaning schedule

There are some forms of cleaning that you have to do regularly. Such as making the bed, washing dishes, sweeping your house, taking out the trash, tidying up the room.

Aside from that, you have to make a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. Here you will wash sheets, towels, vacuum clean your furniture, clean bathrooms. You can also clean all your appliances once a month.

  1. Buy cleaning products for your kids

Get cleaning products that everyone in your house can use. Try to use products that are safe for your kids to be around. Also, buy items that make cleaning easier and playful activity for kids rather than an annoying one.

  1. Teach your kids to organize their wardrobe

The messiest things kids do is throw away their clothes here and there. That’s why you will have to teach your kids to fold their clothes and organize them properly. There are lots of easy ways to fold clothes and manage them to keep the space neat.


To sum up, you have to get through to your kid to keep your house cleaner. However, please don’t make it a punishment or an annoying thing for them. You can make it a reward system where they get rewards for cleaning the house. Also, try to make it a fun time for them rather than torture.

Aside from all this, the most important thing is to make sure you are following the rules. Kids learn most of the stuff seeing their parents in their early days. So, if you are dirty, they will end up dirty as well.