How to Install an Underground Sprinkler System

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It is essential to understand the basic functioning of the underground sprinkler system while installing it in the garden. The sprinkler actually helps in balancing the underground soil level keeping it wet and making it easy for the seeds to reap and grow in saplings in a proportionate manner. The installation has a few simple steps which would further help in keeping the sprinkler steady and water is distributed evenly all over the garden and the most important part of the sprinkler is the buried sprinkler heads  through which the water sprinkles out.

The Steps Towards Installing The Underground Sprinkler

The simple step helps in keeping the sprinkler working without any delay and also keeps the plants and seeds in a nourished manner. 

  • Preparation Of The Sprinkler System

Mostly to prepare the sprinkler system one has to duly consider the irrigation system, like the type of grass the garden has, the soil type. As the sandy soil helps in absorbing water much faster and easier than the general soil. Next comes the controlling of the moisture as that will help in the better growth of the plantation in the whole garden. Getting the permit for the installation is a must so the local procedure should always be maintained. 

  • Proper Water Meter Size and Pressure Check

The water meter has a fixed size and according to that the pressure of the water is also maintained. Generally they are of the size around 1 inch to 5/8th inch. And for controlling the water pressure the on and static state of the water supply is a very essential. The gauge for pressure controlling is always to be checked so that the PSI reading is equal. 

  • Mapping Of The Sprinkler System

The laying out is also known as the mapping system through which one can decide where exactly to fit the underground sprinkler for a better spread and sprinkling of water around. One has to clear the shrubs, the mulched flower beds, abandon trees and even down the slopes in the garden so that the sprinkler is set at the middle of the garden for an overall sprinkle of water. Also another essential part is the shading system and the proper spread of sun rays with the sprinkler would be an added benefit.

  • Understanding Of The Primary Parts Of The Sprinkler

The primary parts of the sprinkler decides the water speed and the turning of the buried sprinkler heads.  It helps in the throw of the water, so occasionally the heads should be cleaned. Other essential parts are the different valves, boxes, head styles, and the risers. All of these help in maintaining the proper flow of water through the sprinkler.

  • Proper Selection Of Pipes

It is true that a solid pipe will always be durable, so when choosing the sprinkler pipe do choose the best. There are two types, the polyethylene and the general PVC pipes. The difference is that the polyethylene is much more flexible and can move to any direction. Also it can carry a solid force of water to all the ends of the garden. Yet PVC pipes are the older version and many prefer them but to enhance the usage the new age polyethylene is a better option to go with.

So with the assembling of the above mentioned important parts and the reading the underground water sprinkler can be started in the garden. It is not essential that a proper mechanic has to fit it in for anyone. Just a little proper knowledge of the parts and the technique to use it is most needed. So any general person who is willing to make their garden look more green and full of life can easily follow the steps and get a wonderful setting of the underground water sprinkler in their garden area. Just a few simple steps and a needed creativity would give a perfect fitting and the garden would always sustain its life all around the year.

One can go for a proper fitting mechanic for their garden and maybe hire a sprinkler company to fit it for them. The choice will always be the customer’s, only thing is pocket fitting costing can be saved with your own creativity and urge to use the simple fitting steps.


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