How to clean bathroom tiles like a pro?

If you want to know how to clean bathroom tiles effectively, read carefully all the recommendations and natural remedies that we offer you in this post. Alternatively, look at installing shower or bathroom wall panels.

We are tile manufacturers with more than 70 years of experience in the ceramic sector and with 4 internationally recognized brands:  Azulev, XLAM, Sanchis and Bath. The first three brands are dedicated to the production of porcelain floor and wall tiles and the last one, Bath, to the latest generation bathroom equipment.

So, do not hesitate to follow these indications, because who better than a tile factory, with more than half a century of dedication to the production of ceramic tiles, to advise how they should be protected, cleaned, maintained and returned to the pavement and / or cladding its original characteristics.

Tips for cleaning bathroom tiles

Lime, soap scum, mold, mildew or dirt that collects on the tile joint are the enemies to beat in order to have a bright and immaculate bathroom. 

To effectively clean bathroom tiles we can use specific cleaning products or resort to products that we usually have in the kitchen, such as vinegar, baking soda or oil. We can also use pharmaceutical products for general use such as hydrogen peroxide. 

In this post, you will learn the most effective ways to clean bathroom tiles so that they are shiny using products that we usually have at home or that we can make ourselves by mixing two or three ingredients, easily and simply. 

Ways to remove lime from tiles

Lime stains on bathroom tiles are very frequent. They are quite annoying, because they are usually difficult to remove.

Plumb Guardian visit bathrooms all year round and see all kinds of dirt, grime and problems associated with condensation and leaks and suggest on there website a few ways to clean problem areas.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of lime stains on these surfaces is to use water mixed with white vinegar. Once the solution is prepared, a cloth is dipped in it and the tiles are thoroughly cleaned. To finish, it is recommended to wipe it with a damp cloth, to remove any remains that may remain.

If there is a lot of lime build-up, it is advisable to use hot vinegar. After cleaning the wall well, wipe the surface with a dry cloth. That leaves the tile gleaming.

Another way is to mix the vinegar with liquid soap or dishwasher, in equal proportions. The mixture is shaken or stirred well and it is ready to use. The result is better if rubbed with a sponge. A good idea is to leave the mixture to work for a few minutes on the tiles and then wipe with a cloth soaked in water.

How to clean very dirty bathroom tiles 

When there are lime and grease stains on the tiles, or other dirt, it is recommended to use ammonia. To do this, prepare a container with water and squirt ammonia. Next, the surface is cleaned with this mixture and the help of a sponge or cloth. Finally, a cloth soaked in water is wiped to remove the ammonia residue, and it is dried with a cloth.

If ammonia is used, care must be taken as it is a corrosive product. It is essential to wear gloves to handle it and prevent it from splashing on the skin and especially on the eyes.

It is also important to have the room ventilated. Above all, avoid breathing ammonia fumes.

Cleaning the tiles with alternative products

Although it may seem incredible, some products are very suitable for cleaning tiled surfaces. So:

Alcohol to burn

Applied with a cotton cloth, it leaves the tiles very shiny. Of course, make sure that the rag does not release lint. You can also make a mixture with the following ingredients: alcohol and ammonia in equal parts, a jet of detergent and approximately half a liter of water.

Water steam

 Vapor-type appliances are very efficient at cleaning tiled surfaces. In addition, they  clean the joints very well , which is where the dirt resists the most. When these are silicone, it is advisable to vaporize them briefly, so as not to damage the material. It is finished by drying the surface with a cloth.

How to do a quick clean

If you want to know how to clean bathroom tiles quickly, one way to clean the tiles is to  rub them with alcohol , with the help of a cloth, just  after the shower . The steam released by the hot water from the shower will have softened the dirt, which will be easily removed with the cloth impregnated with alcohol.

Remove mold or mildew stains

Mold stains are very unpleasant to the eye, as they blacken the whole and give a feeling of dirt. The worst thing is that they are very persistent and are not usually eliminated well with conventional products bought in stores.

However, there are some totally natural and proven remedies. 

To clean the bathroom tiles with fungus or mold stains you can use the following natural remedies: 

Sodium bicarbonate

The best way to apply it is by dissolving it in water and applying it with a sprayer. Baking soda absorbs moisture and, with it, mold. It is convenient to rub with a small brush, which can be an old toothbrush, for example.


Vinegar for cleaning the tiles has already been mentioned above. To act more effectively against fungi, it can be applied directly, without diluting. Wait a while for it to act, and then rub it with a cloth.

Boric acid or borax

Due to its antifungal power, it is often used in foot and shoe deodorant powders. In this case, it is best to use it dissolved in water, in the following proportion: half a glass of borax per half liter of water. After applying the mixture, it must be left to act and then rinse well with the help of a cloth or sponge and water.


The best thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it kills mold without releasing toxic gases. It is only necessary to apply it on the areas that present these humidities and leave it to act for approximately 15 minutes. It can be spread with a cloth or, even more practical, using a sprayer. Finally, rub it with a small brush.

How to get shiny bathroom tiles

If you want to know how to clean the bathroom tiles so that they are shiny, read carefully the different solutions that we propose in this article. 

When our bathroom tiles are very dirty, the first step will be to remove traces of dirt from the tiles or from the tile joints, with any of the natural remedies that we offer you.

Once you have cleaned all the rest of lime, mold and stains, you can apply glass cleaning liquid with a clean, dry cloth. In this way, we will obtain a perfect result. 

Another product that contributes to brightening surfaces is vinegar, a traditional resource that our grandmothers already used. 

Once again, it must be remembered that gloss will only be possible if the surface is perfectly clean.

What to do and what not to do when cleaning tiles

Follow the following recommendations whenever you go to clean the bathroom tiles: 

Before using a certain mixture or product, it is good to make sure that the material you want to clean will not be damaged. For example, you have to be cautious with bleach or ammonia, since both can attack the material that supports the design. Attention:  never mix ammonia and lye, since together they give off highly toxic vapors.

Use caution when using corrosive products. They must be handled with gloves and avoid splashing onto the skin and especially the eyes. Also, the bathroom must be well ventilated.

Avoid using tools that can scratch the surface. Therefore, objects that scratch or scratch should not be used, such as metal scouring pads (Nanas type), punches, scissors, knives and the like. 

On all surfaces, avoid using too abrasive products. It is recommended to do a test in a very limited area to verify the result, before applying them to the entire surface.

Clean other surfaces: porcelain stoneware flooring 

The porcelain stoneware flooring   does not need very special care, it is enough to clean it periodically with water and detergent.

A first advice when brand new a porcelain floor is to clean it well, avoiding to use acidic or abrasive products, especially if it is recently installed. On the other hand, it does admit plenty of water, since porcelain stoneware is very little porous. This will remove the remains of the work.

Then it can be cleaned with water and some product. It does not hurt to ask the professional installers or the manufacturer about what type of products are most recommended to do this type of cleaning.

If there are stains or something stuck on the pavement, it can be rubbed with a plastic brush or green scouring pad.

Regarding the cleaner, it is recommended to use a soap with a neutral pH. Before scrubbing, surface dirt must be removed with the broom or vacuum cleaner. Then you can pass the mop, always well squeezed.

For floor maintenance it is appropriate to dry mops. This eliminates dust and also footprints.

The abundant water and some soapy product will be enough to clean properly.

After installation, it is essential to clean it perfectly. Then, after the time recommended by the installer for curing the joints has elapsed, cleaning can be carried out with a neutral product.

The dry mop is a great ally to shine the surface, always after having cleaned it properly, following the aforementioned instructions: vacuum cleaner or broom, mop or cloth and finally the mop.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles with Vinegar

As we have mentioned in previous paragraphs, vinegar is one of the main natural products that we can use to clean the bathroom tiles and leave them shiny. 

Cleaning the tiles with vinegar is advisable when the tiles have lime or mold stains, but it also serves to polish the tiles once they are clean.  

Ways to apply vinegar to clean the tiles: 

  • Vinegar undiluted.  It is especially recommended to remove mold or mildew stains. 
  • Mixed with water.  To clean the lime stains on the tiles, it is very effective to use white vinegar mixed with water. 
  • Hot vinegar.  To clean coatings with large scale build-up, it is recommended to use hot vinegar. Once spread on the wall, we must rub the tiles with a dry cloth. 
  • With liquid soap or dishwasher.  Mixing vinegar with soap, in equal parts, is an effective remedy to obtain an excellent result. At the end of rubbing the tiles with the mixture, we will clarify the surface with a cloth dipped in water. 

Regardless of everything mentioned above, we recommend that you contact the point of sale where you purchased the product for advice on this matter.

We hope that, among all these solutions to clean bathroom tiles, you will find a way to remove dirt and polish your bathroom tiles that best suits your needs. 

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