How To Choose The Best Frames To Build Your DIY Standing Desk

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Sitting can really be a big problem when you work 9 – 5, regular activity is the key to a healthy life, but if you’re caught at a desk in the same position for over 6 hours, that’s not regular activity, that’s regular inactivity. It shouldn’t then come as a surprise to you when we say, sitting down for too long is terrible for you and your health and kills more than obesity. Recent research has proven that on most cases, about half a million health hazards in in over 10 countries has been as a result of inactivity, and that inactivity is actually more detrimental to you than many other health factors. So, what’s the solution? Go Standing!

Yeah, you heard us right, Go Standing! Standing desks are becoming more popular in workstations around the world, so why not get yourself one? You could go with a DIY standing desk (simple choice), or a whole desk motorized replacement. Whichever suits you. You could even look into the third option of buying an adjustable attachment that will go on top of your former desk.

Our pick of the day would be the DIY standing desk, the reason we’re going with this is because its cheap, its affordable, its near perfect, and it will meet our requirements. But we can’t just dive right into the world of the DIY standing desk all because of it being “near perfect.” What we mean by “near perfect” is the fact that the desk is going to give you the much needed freedom and comfortability to stand when you feel like standing to take the weight of your butt and seat when you prefer to seat and take the weight of your legs.

Before you start thinking of a frame, we advise that you take down your needs and measurements, as this will save time and make things more easier and faster. Measure how much space the desk is going to occupy as well as how large you want the desk to be. Take your need into factor also, do you want the desk heavy or quite light. After doing that you measure yourself. Yes, you measure yourself, measure your height so you know just how high the standing desk will go, measure how broad or wide it would be, so that it does not restrict your hands when the gadgets are placed on it. Once you’ve gotten all these measurements down, you’ll have a rough idea of how high, wide, broad and tall your desk will be. Apart from this, keep it organized and simple.


If you prefer traditional writing desks, you can try EverDesk

Taking budget into consideration, DIY is your best option because it offers a cheaper approach and is the lowest cost.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Frame

Where Are The Frames From?

The next important thing on your list is this. Where are you getting the frames from? Although, you might want things cheap, cheap is not the best option. Frames for the standing desk comes from three places; China, Europe, and America.

China offers the cheapest deal, here you can get a frame model from $250 – $450 inclusive of shipping, but there’s a catch to this, the higher you get, the more unstable the desk gets. Chinese frames are not all that built for the height, they are short and sturdy which makes them good for the low range.

Advanced models which come from America, Europe and most recently Taiwan are a little bit more expensive but are reliable for going the extra height. They can be got from $480 – $850 as they come with tighter manufacturing endurance, motors that run quieter, greater adjustability range, nicer and finer hand sets, better collision detection and higher transition speed. It doesn’t take a hard guess to why they cost more with their added feature.

What’s The Warranty For The Frame?

The Chinese frames are cheaper as we’ve discussed above, but their warranty gives us a rethink. The factory warranties for the Chinese frames run from a year to two years.

The U.S, Europe and Taiwan models offers a factory warranty of close to 10 years.

On the long run, it pays more as it reduces the need to continually buy new frames when the warranty ends.

Which Frame Is Best For You?

This choice is entirely up to you, depending on what you want to use your DIY standing desk for. We’ll assist you in making the right choice of choosing the best frame for you by giving you the best options we have readily available.

As the name implies they are low cost DIY standing desks to suit your needs. Below are some pocket friendly and affordable desk frames that are available presently in the market:

Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit: Selling at an attractive low price of $324 in the market, SmartDesk DIY Kit is the most affordable base for DIY standing desks presently. Offering a YGWYPF (You Get What You Pay For), it design is exactly what you wanted. It cuts every cost corners and delivers you with a weak, shaky, unreliable, and noisy platform. It comes in two editions; the home edition and the business edition.

The home edition is not really reliable and is not recommended for any strenuous exercise. The home edition is of a weak, slow and unreliable quality due to its single-motor, single-stage desk make.

The business edition on the other hand comes with an overload protection on its dual motors and its dual stage offers a higher life capacity. It also features a crossbar for supporting wider desktops, which makes it more reliable to the home edition.

Jiecang Base: From the Uplift 900 to the GeekDesk to the Fully Jarvis (just to mention a few), they all come from the Jiecang base. Desk manufacturers looking to produce low-cost desks and frames with adjustable heights have all used the Jiecang base to bring their model to life. It is offered in various colors such as black, white, silver or alloy paints. With a price range between $445 and $470. Offering a warranty of 7 years from Jarvis and Uplift, the Jiecang is usually shipped with a digital controller featuring four memory presets, but sometimes they’ve been shipped with just a simple up and down controller.

Now that you have the options of some of the best DIY standing desk frames available, you know have a better knowledge on which to choose to build your DIY standing desk.

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