How To Check, Locate, And Replace The Refrigerant In Your Air Conditioner

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Every air conditioner that you have has a place where you can access the freon stores. These units cannot cool properly if they do not have freon, but you need to be sure that you know how to access the freon supply. You could check the freon with a gauge, or you could get a freon tank that will allow you to refill the device. It all depends on what you need at the moment that you start checking, and you can use these tips to come up with the best possible plan for your AC unit.

  1. Checking The Freon

You can check the freon with a gauge that you get at the local hardware store. The gauge will tell you how much pressure is behind the valve, and you can use the instructions from the device to learn how much pressure there should be. You can compare the pressure you get with the pressure on the device, and you must be sure that you have filled to that pressure if you plan to refill the device. Someone who wants to check their freon must first find the service door, and you can work from there when you have the unit ready.

  1. The Service Door

You must unscrew the service door with a screwdriver or power drill depending on how stuck the screws are. Some units might have rust on them, and you need to use a powerful drill just to get the screws off. You could actually replace the screws if you think that is necessary, or you could clean them off along with the door itself. You will find the valve for the freon on the inside labeled, and you need to be sure that you have checked that the valves on the device are closed. You will not open the valve until you have the gauge on and ready to go.

  1. The Gauge

The gauge will give you a reading, and that reading shows you how much pressure is behind the gauge. You will need to record this pressure, and you can compare to what the pressure should be. All you have to do is make sure that you have gotten a tank if you need to refill the freon. Most people who are ready to refill their freon can get a tank from a local HVAC supply store, or you could get the tank from a local hardware store. You need to have a wrench that will help you screw on the fitting, and you need to keep a close eye on the pressure on the tank along with volume.

  1. Replace R-22 With Your Own Tank

The tank that you use should be certified clean and safe. You want to get something that has an inspection label on it so you know it is safe, and it should come with a hose that allows you to connect to the freon nozzle. You must tighten it so that there are no leaks, and you need to let the tank fill up the freon by opening the valve on both the tank and the nozzle. You will hear the freon start to enter the system, and you should estimate about how much you need by checking the volume on the tank. You can close the valve when you think you are done, and you need to close the valve on the freon nozzle. You can check the pressure once again, and you will find that you are either at the right pressure or just below. You should never bleed any freon out of the system. It is toxic, and it is better to cycle the device so that you can get any excess freon out.

  1. How Do You Charge The System?

You charge the system by running it on high for a short period of time. You need to run it on high because you have to force all the freon into the system as fast and as hard as you can. You could charge the system just after you have inserted the freon, but you need to run it long enough that you can tell the place is getting much hotter or much colder. You want to be sure that the system is very efficient, and you should remember that the freon needs to be recharged every time you fill up the system.

  1. The Efficiency Of The Unit

Your efficiency will go back up the moment that you have had the system refilled and recharged. Your energy bills will go down, and you will find that the system works much better than it would have in the past. You will be much happier with the results that you get, and you will start to notice that everything either heats up or cools down much faster.

  1. Safety Steps

You need to have a facemask to wear when doing this job because you need to keep any later gas out of your mouth and nose. You need to have goggles on so that you do not need to worry about any gas getting in your eyes or anything breaking off and getting into your eyes. You must be very careful with yourself because it is hard to be safe if you are not checking the pressure. Plus, freon is toxic no matter how much experience you have dealing with the tanks. It is better to be very safe when you start planning to do this on your own.

  1. Conclusion

The best thing that you can do when you realize that your system does not work as it should is check your freon. You can check the freon by yourself, and you can even replace R-22 on your own. There are a number of people who would like to do this themselves because it is so much cheaper than paying someone to do it. Set aside the time so that you will be comfortable in the building, save money, and keep your system in good condition.


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