A Grace to Your Lungs: Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution in 5 Easy Steps

The air inside a home is more problematic than the air outdoors. It is important to know that air pollution indoors can come through a number of ways; our clothing, pollen, and allergens on the fur of dogs and cats, and pollution from indoor electronics and even certain food items in the kitchen and the waste in the toilet can raise here pollution indoors. Some of the best easy steps to eliminate indoor air pollution are;

Perform air quality analysis and make use of air purifiers

You can make use of reliable air quality analysis such as Thermo Fisher Scientific to measure the quality of air indoors. You can also make use of air purifiers because they are more reliable, especially in picking up the smallest particle in the air (smallest particle in the air can measure around 0.3 microns in size). Some air purifiers such as vacuum HEPA filters can reach every nooks and cranny of the home to trap pollutants.

Make use of an exhaust fan

Make use of exhaust fans strategically indoor. For instance, exhaust fans can remove cooking fumes in the kitchen and can also remove excess steam from bathrooms. In the attic, an exhaust fan will quickly dissipate hot air while allowing cool and fresher air to circulate indoor from outside.

Try to make the indoor remain dry

The presence of moisture indoor is the number reason why pollutants like mold multiple. It is important that you use dehumidifiers to keep the moisture down and make sure you clean the filter regularly.

Open the windows when it is hot

Opening the indoors will ensure that you don’t cover up or trap pollutants inside your home. It will also reduce your chances of an allergic reaction. Try as much as possible to avoid the use of air fresheners and incense-generating items such as candles. The odor-masking fragrances can trigger allergic reactions hence they must be avoided by all means.

Make use of micro-fiber dusting clothe for cleaning

Micro-fiber dusting clothes are more effective in removing pollutants such as dust indoor because they capture more dust than those cotton rags you use. Instead of using the brooms, make sure you vacuum more frequently because the use of brooms and similar cleaning items will raise more dust in the air, while vacuuming is gentle and can pick up all pollutants.


There are several other cleaning steps that can help you maintain a pollution-free indoor in your home. For instance, minimizing carpets indoors can help you reduce your chances of trapping pollutants indoor. Carpets are known to trap pollutants such as mold spores, pet dander, and dust mites. You should consider replacing carpets with hard flooring materials to minimize pollution indoors. Secondly, you should try as much as possible to store away solvents including pesticides, chemical solutions and some other mixtures that can create pollution within. It is equally important to ensure that smoking does not take place inside the home or near the home.


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