How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Is Working Properly?

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During the hot season, most homeowners rely on the AC and hence the importance of knowing how to tell if it is functioning properly. When your air conditioner is not working as required, you will dig deep into your pocket for higher energy bills which are usually unnecessary.

Do you have air conditioning that isn’t working and you’re still struggling to get it going? If so, it may be time to hire a professional! Air conditioning is not something you want to mess with if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can be dangerous and expensive for homeowners who try to fix their air conditioner themselves. Why not check out Sovereign Planned Services. 

Ensuring that you regularly inspect your AC and learn tips from on performing simple tests will help run a properly working air conditioner. When testing your AC unit, make sure that it is on. Place a thermometer on the register for about five minutes. After this time, compare it with the return vent temperature. Following are some steps that may help you know if your air conditioning is working properly.

1. Power Your AC Unit

Consider testing your AC efficiency on a hot day to get the accurate outcome. Turning on your air conditioner is the initial step in testing its efficiency. After turning it on, it should be left on at 80-degree for 15 minutes. Bear in mind that you test your AC unit prior to the scorching heat as the best results depend on the correct atmosphere.


2. Put Thermometer on Your Supply Register

As the name suggests, the unit’s supply register usually supplies some cool air in your house. Placing your thermometer on your AC unit’s supply register will help you get the best results. If your thermometer is moved on to your closest register, you will be taking away some feet moved when testing your air conditioner.

3. Let the Thermometer Remain in Place for A Minimum of Five Minutes

Step three which will help you know if your air conditioner is working efficiently, is placing a thermometer in position for about five minutes afore interfering with it. This is because you need to allow your AC sufficient time to attain its top speed. It is also essential to how easy and quick it could be getting your AC to be at its peak.

4. Perform Thermometer Test at the AC’s Return Vent

Generally, the AC return vent is the larger vent. The vent works in pulling out air from your house, directing it to the HVAC unit.

To help you identify the return vent, place something light at the grates. Once it is sucked towards the vent, place your thermometer in position for about five minutes. If the test outcome for your AC unit doesn’t indicate any fault, then you don’t have reason to worry; however, if any fault pops up, look for a qualified technician to help you fix it.


Generally, a properly functioning air conditioning should be giving out air that is at least 15 degrees chiller compared to what it is coming in. If you realize that your AC unit is not working properly, you may have to test it for you to determine its actual problem. This may be a result of a leak. Additionally, be sure to contact us today.


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