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House Which Evocates Contemporary Lifestyle| Techno Architects

Contemporary needs and the client’s strict brief of ‘no clutter home’ helped to frame the colour palette of the house.

This house based in south Bangalore in a 4800 sq.ft site is a perfect representation of Techno architecture’s ongoing interaction with the new language of tropical residential architecture.

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Evocative of the simple, open structures of times past, yet possessed of modernity of spirit perfectly in keeping with contemporary life. The house conflates, rather than juxtaposes indoor mad outdoor spaces in perfect harmony.

On entering this south-facing property, thematically reminiscent of the modern version of  “ ANGKUL ANGKUL, which is used as much to isolate views of the property as to protect inhabitants.

Once inside, the building occupies one portion of the large site area which in turn orients itself into a larger external courtyard that occupies the other half of the site. Visitors can enter directly into the landscape area, highlighting the courtyard, while the water body in the northeast corner is flanked by the landscaped lawn.

An elongated bridge in grey stone extends past the perimeter of the “outdoor living space” linking the water body. On the eastern side of the ground floor, living and the dining areas look directly over the garden and the water body and are designed as a single large area, while The other spaces like kitchen, bedroom, etc are designed contributing to the ordered flow of the property creating an air of space and tranquillity.

The main staircase designed part of the internal court, separates the public and semi-public spaces and leads above to the private bedrooms and the family area which has a small bridge leading to the ‘pavilion’ on the eastern side.

On the second level, the common utilities like the audio-visual room, bar and the gym are positioned so as to have privacy as well as protection from direct sunlight.

All the spaces are naturally directed inwards, utilizing the central indoor court as well the external landscaped lawn to become focal points, underscoring the dramatic symbiosis between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Contemporary needs and the client’s strict brief of ‘no clutter home’ helped to frame the colour palette of the house.



Client – Mrs.DIVYA and Mr.MOHAN

Typology – Residential

Program – Single dwelling unit

Location – RR nagar, Bangalore

Status – completed 2019

Built up area – 7500 sq.ft

Design lead – Rajesh Shivaram

Design team – Sooraj, Saswat, Niket , Keerthana , Mohammed Ali , Roshane peter,Varna,Vidhul

PhotographyShamanth patil photography

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