House Imparting Optimum Space Having Simplicity as the Design Philosophy : 14 Aristo Villa | Saar Interior Design

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In the residential context in Vadodara, Aristo Villa is house for a family of 5 members. SAAR Interior Design has done a tremendous job, considering the family demographics and provided a design proposal adhering to their likes. The house is imparting an optimum space and required privacy for all the members. With compact planning, SAAR Interior Design has creatively diversified the functions at both levels, giving maximum utility throughout.

House Imparting Optimum Space Having Simplicity as the Design Philosophy : 14 Aristo Villa | Saar Interior Design

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This grounded residence traces up to 2270 sq. ft in total, including both the levels. Having simplicity as a design philosophy, vitrified flooring and wooden furniture play a backdrop that supports the pop-toned sofa and pastel curtains. These neutral colours with yellow lighting make this living area an inviting space. The ground level has a drawing room, common toilet, kitchen, dining and a bedroom. They did this considering the client’s brief – from furniture design to material selection. Hence, the material finishes and the fixtures are handpicked for the client. This includes collaboration with different brands – using permutations of finishes and fixtures providing an equal language throughout the house.

One enters the living area right at the entrance. On entering the living area – the mural takes up the center stage between the top of the sofa and the smoothness of curtains. The process involved imagining the entire wall as the palette and using multiple iterations to bring the best out of it. After brainstorming sessions and discussions, they boiled it down to monochromatic line art. It merges beautifully with the interiors – without looking alienated and stands out as natural brush strokes and human imperfections. During darker hours, the indirect yellowish lighting and the chandelier make the living room soothing. The organization of furniture helps to have interactions and to watch shows on the wall-mounted TV. Here, the TV unit is wall mounted with a service desk to store accessories along with stone and wooden paneling. This wooden paneling responds to the language of the house used at the ceiling profile of the entrance axis.  

The dining area easily accommodates five members of the family. They crafted the dining table in wood with minimal design and a familiar tone from the other furniture. They followed the uniqueness of the tones of the sofa in the same way in the table chairs, highlighting its design. Rained with a chandelier showering yellow light from the top.

The kitchen follows the open kitchen concept, showing up all of its functions. The cabinets below the black platform are equally partitioned, accommodating the utensils of the household. It follows the golden triangular layout, ensuring maximum functionality. The design features include the L-Shape layout, with chimney and platform mount stove – smartly eradicating the visually obstructing service lines. This makes it easier for the clients to arrange and function in the kitchen. 

Each bedroom design has a personalized touch. However, when one observes each room, we can find common sync – which symbolizes the connection in the entire house. White ceilings, wooden mounts, highlighted pops and subtle lighting are similar characteristics of the house. These features bring out the homely nature with minimal maintenance. Hence, its aesthetics are at the intersection of simplicity and beauty. Soft cushioning of pastel shade behind the bed comforts the user – with under the bed storage and side tables check listing the storage requirements. The curtains are selected precisely, which gives the pop of colour in the room. Cupboards and furniture include the use of wood which suiting the white shades in the ceiling and flooring. 

The fenestrations of the rooms and the serving spaces provide privacy and give exterior views. The placements of common toilet, bathroom and kitchen services strategically accommodate its functions. They used lively elements in the house such as plants and flowers in served spaces which juxtapose yet tone with the silent interiors. Access to the upper level is through the dogleg staircase. Once leaving the upper level, the spill-over space accommodates the temple and miscellaneous storage. With the considerate area of the spill-over space, it can be reused as a workspace and spend leisure time. The two bedrooms on the upper level are of almost similar sizes, accommodating a walk-in wardrobe, TV Unit, extra storage space and a work area. With a larger area of cover – this helps the user to accommodate other activities throughout the day as well.

On understanding the brief, their daily patterns and taste in design SAAR Interior Designs have beautifully developed the design solution to satisfy the clients. All the spaces were thought, finalized and executed, bringing out the best of all outcomes. This house shows how simple materials, logical execution and brief result in the space’s uniqueness.


Designed by : Saar Interior Design

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : 14, Aristo Villa

Location : Vadodara

Year Built : 2020

Built up : 2270 sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 37 Lac

Principal Interior Designer : Hiren Patel & Dhara Tank

Photograph Courtesy : Tejas Shah

Text Credits : Jaival Mehta (The Architect’s Diary)

Products and Materials : Materials – Reclaimed Teakwood, Indigenous Granite, Live Edge Wood for Tables, OSB Sheet and Cement Sheet ceilings, Fluted Glass for Kitchen Cabinets | Wallcovering / Cladding – Wall panels with Teakwood Veneer + Brass Strip Inlay, Tile Cladding, Cement Sheet Paneling | Lighting – Orange Tree, Pepperfry | Fabric – v9homedecor | Paint – Dulux | Artefacts – Evoke, Rosia Lux’a’rte | Wall Murals – Devdusawar | Wooden Fans – Windmill fans

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