Home Office with Sophistication of British Influence and Bespoke Luxury | Studio 101

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To create a home office space that would radiate a polished vibe with a hint of eclectic elements that would lend the homely feeling to the space required in a ‘Home’ Office. Use of monochromatic palettes is our hallmark and is Cleary visible in all the areas. The presence of colours is through accent pieces which come through in the form of accessories, details, greens and a few statement pieces.

Home Office with Sophistication of British Influence and Bespoke Luxury | Studio 101

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The space has mainly 4 areas, The Entrance Lobby, Director’s cabin, Ankur’s Cabin which we like to call The Shades of Desert and a small waiting area with 2 workstations which we call All Mint.

The Entrance Lobby

The Entrance lobby has been designed with a monochromatic design sensibility. The ash colored veneer panels serve as a perfect background for the chevron weaved fabric arm chairs in charcoal. Black, present everywhere in bits and pieces, acts a s a dominant color and catches the eye’s attention. Classic blue pottery pieces make the space dramatic and at the same time, cut the monotony. As always, greens lend their welcoming nature tothe space and fill it with positivity.

Director’s Cabin

We have always somehow considered brown to be a color for our elders as it speaks of wisdom, maturity and mellowness.The director’s office speaks of maturity, formality and luxury.

Planked with walnut hardwood flooring, grey cabinetry, dry linen fabric textures and plaid wallpaper, the space radiates an extremely reserved yet timeless ambiance

Director’s Lounge

This area is full of life, color and prints. It is an extension of the director’s office. The pocket doors divide the space and when needed the space can be doubled up. A really thoughtfully chosen classic jamavar pattern on the arm chair and coordinated upholstery for the sofa, natural linen cushions and curtains with custom design embroidered borders in mustarded blended together to fall in perfectly. Simple yet functional furniture pieces set in their places with natural light filtering in through the linen sheers makes the perfect backdrop to host meetings

The Shades Of Desert (Ankur’s Cabin)

Inspired from the shades of the desert, this cabin corresponds to the arid nature of the desert as well. Dyed Sucupira Veneer in dead matte finish with cotton fabrics without any sheen, give this space within the space (in the home office) its own identity. Linearity is the dominant design element seen here, prominent in the paneling, the vertical base of the desk and even the upholstery.

The detailing on the bookshelf is appropriate to declare our love for detailing and adding layers to interior design.

We have added just the right amount of color through the artwork to brighten up the space, such as a little water brightens up the desert.

All Mint (Waiting area with 2 workstations)

Everything mint and pastel, making the space fresh and cozy. This apace is all about feeling comfortable. Our clients, along with their kids happen to use this space the most because of the feeling it creates.

The main character in this space is the sofa upholstery. The white stripes cut through the monotones and blend into the neutral toned carpet. Fluted glass partitions add a sense of privacy to the 2 small workstations set up behind and add a design element at the same time by providing a different texture

Fact File

Designed by: Studio 101

Project Type: Office Interior Design

Project Name: The Home Office at N8

Location: New Delhi

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 1.5 Years

Plot Area: 6300 Sq.ft

Built up: 4500 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Harnaam Kaur

Team Design Credits: Bhawna Sharma

Consultants for the Project  

Lighting Designers: Halomax lighting

Photograph Courtesy : Manish kumar

Products & Materials: Artefacts:The Décor Kart

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