Harmonising your Home Interior with your Lifestyle

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Life is pretty hectic for most of us, a true balancing act of ever-changing demands and responsibilities. With many of us striving to achieve a ‘work/life balance’, greater wellbeing and maximising the limited hours in our days, more and more people are working from home, starting businesses and creating at home sanctuaries or workout spaces.

This has created a growing demand for flexible living spaces and homes which can be adapted to suit individual needs and requirements.

At one time open plan spaces were highly sorted after. Yet, with these changing habits, open living spaces can easily create an unwanted overlap. For those that work from home, without any defined space, the boundaries of life and work can merge – after all if you can see your desk from your sofa, its going to be a challenge to focus on relaxing.

Whatever lifestyle you have, its becoming ever more important for your home to be somewhere that works together in harmony with your needs.

Here are some ways to create multi-functional spaces within your home that perfectly harmonise with ever-popular lifestyles.

Home Workers

For those who use their home for work, being able toutilise your available space to its full potential can allow you to seamlessly distinguish between work time and non-work time.

This really is only a problem when your work space has no defined area or if the space is simply not suited to it. If you have a large open space, in order to achieve defined and purposeful areas, it can be useful to separate these out.

You can use room dividers, free-standing shelving or ideally create a completely separate workspace. This can be achieved using stud walls and to ensure the space has enough natural light you can choose internal doors with glazed panels.

Sanctuary Seekers

For individuals requiring space to meditate or practice yoga, you’ll ideally want an entirely secluded space. If this can’t be achieved inside the home such as in a spare room, consider converting some of your garage space, conservatory or getting a purpose-builtlog cabin.

Allowing this space to serve a soul purpose, such as relaxation, will enable you to better manage your wellbeing within your home environment.

Within the space, consider using mood lighting, calming colour schemes and comforting soft furnishings to really make this a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Fitness at Home

Those looking to workout at home rather than head to the gym, can easily become distracted by more appealing activities, chores, the TV, anything! Even the most motivated individuals can succumb to the temptation to exert as little energy as possible, when given the choice.

Therefore, a space dedicated solely to fitness will make this a much more attractive prospect.

An at home gym doesn’t need to be high tech and the space you require will depend on your choice of fitness equipment. As such a suitable space to house your gym might be a spare room, garage or garden room or area.


If you love nothing more than to relax with your favourite hobby – painting, music, crafts etc – you may benefit from having an area solely for this purpose. Creating space to fully immerse in your desired activity is likely to make it more enjoyable.

Within your dedicated space, you can consider décor and accessories which ignite the feelings you experience undertaking your hobby. Really go to town on making this space solely for your chosen pursuit.

For example, a music room could feature inspiring quotes from artists you admire and colour schemes which you associate with positive feelings. Or, for an art room you might want to showcase inspiring pieces of art, organised storage for your materials and accessories and colours which motivates you.



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