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    This beautiful traditional design 5 BHK Penthouse is nothing less than a dream come true. The kind owner of the penthouse Mr. Bhutada approached us with trust & believe, that we could transform the 4 walls into a beautiful home. From civil work to the complicated staircase placement, we knew, this is not going to be easy. Juggling amongst 13 family members and to deliver all that they wanted, we managed to pull off a balance of a Mellow European theme blending with its own taste of Royalty.

    Grandeur and Essence of Traditional Design Elements for this Residence in Pune | Cubix Global

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    Feel the grandeur at the very first step! An amalgamation of royal & traditional, this beautiful home exudes understated elegance at its beautiful entrance. From curating a beautifully carved door surrounded with red bricks to creating utility space for the family, this dwelling is just getting better. As you walk pass the door, in sight, is a beautiful living with decluttered space with mellow tones and clean lines.

    Elements like, a beautiful mirror, a cozy reading corner, wonderful placement of onyx behind the T.V. unit complimented perfectly with brown glass, ceiling beautified with cornice , mouldings & POP is just what the living needed to complete itself.

    As you go toward the dining, it smears a spiritual and a warm aura with a beautiful mural of Shreenathji on one wall and the opposite wall had some beautiful arches with a dash of fresh floral wallpaper. Kitchen was optimally designed, in spite of its small space, as Prachi managed to include the dry balcony in the kitchen yet keeping it separate for hygiene purpose.

    This breath taking penthouse, has 3 master bedrooms. As we step in the first room, we see a Royal mood flowing in the air, as this room belonged to the senior most couple of the family. They wanted it to be warm and fresh. With sublime windows, a master chair and ravishing fabric back-rest, this room definitely stole the show. We gave a modern touch to the bathroom, that would balance the traditional touch, says Prachi.

    Let’s fly in the space as we enter this cloddish kids bedroom. A room to 3 kids, every tiny detail of this bedroom was carefully been taken care of. “Creating a study table as long as 6 Feet, along with wardrobe spaces to make room for all their belongings, their smiles on seeing the room was our reward”, smiled Prachi. The bay windows were their favorite corner of the room We maintained a gender neutral tone, looking at the requirements of the girls & the boys waiting to acquire their space. Bathroom had clean & easy to maintain designs with compact storage for the kids.

    This room displays the trendiest colour today, WHITE! “With pleated curtains, height management, walk-in wardrobes, we did have a lot on our plate to manage the space right”, says Prachi. The main highlight of the room is the dreamy dressing which is beautiful with ample of storage, the walk-in wardrobe & lets us not ignore the printed tile flooring which gives a look of the carpet. While designing the restrooms, it was made sure that, the space is not hampered, it is rustic, low maintenance and distinct from other bathrooms.

    Our next bedroom is completely off beat. With Vertical Stripes used to highlight the beautiful height & a dash of yellow subtly used in the room, this one does display some work of art. From creating a right balance between contemporary & modern, we have covered everything in this room. In the bathroom, we tried to maintain neutral shades with prints used partially in the bathroom, to give it a spacious look & feel.

    Well, one must definitely not miss out on this space. The most beautiful space of this home is the party pad. With contrasting elements used in this huge space, we tried giving a sit-out in a monochrome theme by using printed tiles, some royal frames and continued the red bricked wall from the entrance, to set the right mood. Cherry on the cake is the service area made to cater to parties. This one is another space loved by all 3 generations.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Cubix Global

    Project Type: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: Penthouse

    Location: Pune, Maharashtra

    Year Built: 2021

    Duration of project: 10 Months

    Project Size: 3251 Sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx : 1.80 Cr

    Principal Architects: Prachi Jain

    Team Design Credits: Rakshanda Rawal

    Photograph Courtesy: Vivekajeet Purohit

    Products & Materials: Wallcovering / Cladding: | Windows: UPVC

    Firm’s Website Link: Cubix Global

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Cubix Global

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Cubix Global

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