Glass vs Wood Table Top Comparison

A tabletop is an essential part of any contemporary room. Both glass and wood material can accentuate the beauty of your room, each along with its own pros and cons. Read our guide to choose which material serves your needs the best.

Advantages of Glass Top

  • Modern and Elegant design

One cannot deny the sophistication and elegance a glass tabletop brings in the room where it is installed. Glass tabletop can match the aesthetic sense of both formal and casual gatherings. This is the reason we see glass as table tops for most of the birthday parties, weddings, company events, and other special events

  • Low-maintenance

The most significant and time-saving advantage of a glass tabletop is it’s easy to maintain feature. As glass doesn’t let any liquid spill to pass through it, that is why most people go for glass tabletops as their tabletop material. A damp cloth with a spray of water is enough to maintain the sparkly shine of your tabletop.

  • Variety of Styles

Glass table tops are available in a variety of styles, textures, and shapes. From tinted, frosted, laminated, coloured to anything you name. Moreover, you can also customize its size according to your desired project. Another advantage of using a glass tabletop is that it sits perfectly well with all kinds of base material like rattan, iron, wood, wicker, chrome, wrought etc.

  • Sturdy

A big thanks to the ever-emerging technology, glass tabletops are now made quite tough. For instance, tempered glass is chemically and thermally strengthened to withstand heavy applications and withstand temperature and scratches.

Disadvantages of Glass Top

  • Irreparable

Scratches and chipped glass tabletop surfaces are hard to restore. You might need to replace it once damaged.

  • Regular cleaning

Although glass tabletops are on the low maintenance side, regular dust, smudges, and watermarks need direct attention to clean. And if ignored, with time, your glass may appear foggy.

  • Demands décor and modern flooring

Impeccable flooring is crucial as glass tabletops accentuate everything underneath.

Advantages of Wood Top

  • Durable for life-long period

Wood is one the most versatile materials to use as a tabletop. If properly cared for, high-quality wood can last years and years to come. Solid oak, acacia, suar, mahogany are one of the widely used materials for tabletops. Brilliantly crafted and carefully polished wood can make a statement piece in your room.

  • Classic, timeless piece

Wood is such a class that it can never be out of fashion. You can use different woods depending upon the color you prefer and your room’s color pallet. Like, oak is available in both white and red color. The white oak gives a beige appearance through brown, while a red oak gives reddish and pinkish hues.

  • Reliable

Comfortable and satisfying, wood material is very reliable; that is why so many people choose it for their tabletop. It is the most suitable material when you are expecting heavy family gatherings.

Disadvantages of Wood Top

  • Expensive

Sturdy and durable wood is expensive to buy.

  • Likely to damage with water

Wood can easily damage by water spills or even if the weather is moist.

  • Exposed to scratches

Anything made out of wood cannot easily withstand scratches. Most of the time, it may cost you quite a lot of money to repair and restore its look.

  • Bulky and Heavy

Wood is a relatively heavy and bulky material. If you are a person who loves to rearrange or re-organize your room, perhaps you might reconsider buying a wood tabletop.