Giving A Voice To God’s Words, Here Is A Product Range By Aanshiki Mittal Giving An Ultimate Edge To Raw Natural Wooden Pieces | Found By Aanshiki

The Process :

Search : It all starts with a search for only  the finest natural creations.  Sometimes it’s right there in front  of you but you still may turn a  blind eye, and sometimes it may  be packed and wrapped with the  most divine and fascinating of accompaniments, waiting for  worthy artistic hands to land  upon it and nurture its hidden glory for the world to see.

Giving A Voice To God’s Words, Here Is A Product Range By Aanshiki Mittal Giving An Ultimate Edge To Raw Natural Wooden Pieces | Found By Aanshiki

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Found : Once the find is refined, what comes out is a one-of-a-kind,  genre-defining piece, with each piece having its own message for its recipient to decipher and embrace. 

Touch : Each find is touched up, re-imagined and brought to life by simply  highlighting the natural contours and textures, by preserving the  originality of nature’s messages and giving them the clarity they  long for. 

Genre 1. Reflection

Reflection : Characterized by serpentine forms, Reflection tries to create a world of the  ideal man, characterized by powers of transformation, self-heal, fertility and  even destruction. 

Featuring : Druk Yul, Doctrine of Pluralism, Rebirth

Druk Yul :

Doctrine of Pluralism :

Rebirth :

Genre 2. Mnemonics

Mnemonics : A very functional collection at heart, Mnemonics is meant to be a gentle  reminder of nature’s subtle messages which our suppressed imagination is  unable to comprehend, despite being in plain sight. This collection is a  trigger to the creativity inherent in all of us. 

Featuring : Deep Inside, Misalign, In Process, Multiple Realities

Deep Inside


In Process

Multiple Realities

Genre 3. UnFamiliar Road

UnFamiliar Road : Exploration of the many paths that the mind consciously and unconsciously  traverses. While there’s no specific entry point or a set course to these  paths, points of engagement are subtly created and brought to the fore. 

Featuring : Baggage, Phantasmagoria, This Way to Truth



This Way to Truth

Genre 4. Corollary

Corollary : Taking a more abstract perspective, Corollary is an exactitude of what the  name suggests – exploration of the obvious propositions that follow from  one that has already been proven. The work sometimes becomes the  proposition and draws one in to visualize the conclusion. Sometimes the  corollary transcends into the conclusion itself, creating an engagement in  the opposite direction. 

Featuring : The Master Plan, Sublimation, Welcome the Rain

The Master Plan


Welcome the Rain

Genre 5. As It Is

As It Is : As It Is attempts to reflect the bittersweet realities of modern society and  the emotional perplexities created by humans. By putting the Supreme  Creator himself in the seat of the artist, this collection tries to represent how  today’s human being stands in stark contrast to what the creator ideally  intended them to manifest into. 

Featuring : Boon, Holy Matrimony, Conduit of Life, Beget, The Nobodies


Holy Matrimony

Conduit of Life


The Nobodies

Designed by : Aanshiki Mittal

Photography : Niveditaa Gupta

About : Aanshiki Mittal

Aanshiki Mittal lives & works in Gurugram, India. An MBA-turned artist, her work explores natural forms and structures as accents for  her narrative on the evolution of humankind and society as a whole.  Placing “God” as an observer and the true artist, with the world as  both “his” creation and “his” muse, Aanshiki prefers to work with the  most ubiquitous, yet heterogeneous of natural materials — wood. Marked with a complete absence of straight lines, her work tends to  preserve the natural contours of the ‘FOUND’ wooden pieces while augmenting it with the subtlest of artistic touches in an attempt to add  a degree of refinement and attach an element of finality to nature’s  hidden messages. Her artistic expression is not confined to a single canvas, with her  creations often traversing the lines between art and decor, sculpture  and furniture, serving as a reminder of the proclivity of nature to  reclaim her position alongside man, every single time.

Firm’s Instagram Link :  Aanshiki Mittal

Email Id (For any inquiry) : [email protected]

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