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The Garden House | Calicut | De earth

The garden house attempts to incorporate the contemporary needs of a single family of doctors with their parents in Calicut, Kerala. The fast-changing family structure in Kerala results in houses with fewer people, built spaces without breathing spaces. Homes turning out to be a showpiece sculpture where people try to build their dream. In this home, we tried to encompass a garden with built spaces on three sides, build spaces opens out to bigger secured open space to create a secured garden within a home reducing the built space and creating a larger space.

The key design feature this project is vegetation which comes as a surprise element hidden within the built blocks. In our tropical climate, plants & trees grow easy & well without much of maintenance, which is the key thinking to create “nature as an image maker.

The site is located in Perumanna, near Calicut. The plot is in a hilly terrain facing east with an access way of 3m wide from the road.

North of the plot is 3m higher with an existing residence, south side is 3m below with two residences.

East is also occupied by a house; in effect, the plot is locked all around with residences.

The existing level difference is utilized to create a secured garden space for the design and the house is positioned towards the south. The requirement included a consultation room and a garage for 2 cars, which was the major constraint for the design. The entry to the home is a narrow passage which opens out to the plot and no secondary entry options were feasible.

The Design solution automatically turned the home to be an inward-looking home to seclude the public space where the family can have a private space within the home to avoid the patients and visitors at the odd time.

The ground floor has a sit out and a second entry for the consultation room, separated by the car porch.

From the sit out one enters to a hall with living and dining space which opens to a garden space.

The large opening with folding sliding door minimizes the barrier between built and unbuilt spaces. The kitchen is located on one side of this garden, where the breakfast counter opens out to the garden. The first floor there is two bedrooms and an upper living space.

The terrace space on the second floor is again covered as a recreation space.

This house is designed as garden house, which is more of open concept suiting the requirement of client not to seclude from the immediate environment and the family home nearby.

The open planning including the landscape inside the living area.

The house also incorporates the hot humid climatic requirement with ample ventilation, and skylights are provided on the roof.

The design intends to create simple space with less clutter, so the materials used are to enhance the feature of creating simplicity inside. Kota stone is used as the main flooring, seamlessly polished, with white walls and grey ceiling to create an intimate volume inside.

The main roof is steel purlins and clay tile roof, provided in double layer to reduce the heat intake and ventilates the hot air.








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