Fusion Design of Apartment is Aesthetically Appealing | Studio7

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Fusion Design of Apartment is Aesthetically Appealing | Studio7

From the Designers – Client approached us with basic brief like functionality and should give touch of richness

The overall design is contemporary but we have used an element like floral motif, wooden column, traditional design furnishing, tree wall art etc.

As there was no mandir space in the apartment. So we have made some civil changes We raised mandir platform which gives floating effect and gives sense of lightness, as it is a closed structure of glass and wood.

In parents’ bedroom wall mural of the tree has been created. We have purposely kept the same colour as the wall to merge in the wall as the room is small. designing of the master bedroom was as challenging as the client wanted study table, T.V. and seating apart from bed , wardrobe& dressing as it is builders apartment  size of the bedroom is not big . We smartly kept TV on study wall which can be also use as a computer monitor. It can turn 180 degree. Window sill has been used as a seating place.

Kitchen we kept simple in color combination as a wall in design which makes it spacious. Dining area we clad wall with Italian effect to stand out from other area and feels

In living room we have custom designed sofa as well coffee table, which blends easily in entire apartment. Copper bird art on the wall adds life in living area. Motif on TV panel, foyer area adds drama.

Overall its fusion design which makes it pleasant in aesthetic and appealing.




DESIGN BY: Rajnysh Rami ,Rashmika Shah (studio 7 Designs)

LOCATION: Vadodara


EMAIL:  [email protected]



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