The 3R Pavilion Design | Patel-Vadodaria

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The 3R Pavilion Design | Patel-Vadodaria

From the architect.  The 3R Pavilion Design in Ahmedabad explores the opportunities of reducing, reusing and recycling of materials in buildings.The clients wanted us to develop a multi-purpose area adjoining a swimming pool. They wanted to use unconventional materials and were even OK if the structure failed!

We based our approach on the 3R principles: Reducing, Reusing and Recycling of materials.

The amount of steel and concrete was reduced by using filler slabs with earthen pots that were made by a local potter. Unburnt bricks comprising of surkhi waste and ceramic waste lime mortar were used for masonry. Waste stone chips were sourced for in-situ terrazzo flooring and reclaimed beer bottles were reused as fillers in walls together with pallet wood from the packaging industry.

Double glazing and over-deck insulation were provided to reduce heat gain. The structure was designed to accommodate all existing trees.


Wood, doors and windows were reclaimed (and restored) from the demolition of old houses.



Designed by: Patel Vadodaria Design research Studio

Type: Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design

Location: Ahmedabad

Status: Completed in 2016

Photographs by: Radhika Pandit




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