Fitted vs. Freestanding Wardrobes for Your Bedroom

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Bedroom storage space is an essential consideration. And if you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom, you’ve likely come across the dilemma of choosing between a freestanding cabinet and a fitted wardrobe. To make the right decision, it’s best to compare each option’s pros and cons, especially if you’d like to meet a set budget.

Why choose a fitted wardrobe?

One of the primary reasons to choose a fitted wardrobe is customisation. You can work with whatever space is available in your bedroom, and design bespoke storage that suits your needs. Here are the many benefits of fitted wardrobes.

  • Make use of awkward space. There are bedrooms with awkward spaces such as those under an alcove or behind a door. If you want to maximise these areas, it’s best to get a fitted wardrobe UK designers can create that fits perfectly in the space, regardless of whether the shape is awkward or unusual.
  • Customise internal storage design. One thing you can’t get with a freestanding closet is the opportunity to design the internal storage of your wardrobe. You can decide how many hanging shelves and racks to put. You can also add custom details such as pull-out shelves for accessories.
  • A variety of interior design styles. Fitted closets come in all shapes, sizes, finishes, and colours. You’ll indeed find one that matches the design interior of your bedroom. Also, a fitted closet tends to be more contemporary; hence it becomes a focal piece of furniture you can use as inspiration for choosing accessories.
  • Make a small room appear larger. The floor-to-ceiling design of a fitted wardrobe gives an illusion that the room is bigger. You can also add mirror panels to the doors of the closet, which will reflect natural light and enhance spaciousness.

With these advantages, it’s clear why many homeowners today opt for a fitted closet. However, it’s also vital to understand the potential drawbacks of customising a closet to the space available in your room. First, a bespoke cabinet will undoubtedly cost more and take time to complete. You’ll also need to commit to the design and location, as it will be difficult to remove or rearrange.

When is a freestanding closet a better choice?

If you’re in a hurry to redecorate your bedroom or look for convenient storage space, a freestanding closet may be a better choice. You can choosing between a freestanding cabinet a style that will easily match with other furniture in your room. If you need to find a replacement, you can quickly resell it or put a freestanding closet in storage.

There are many affordable options, even those you can assemble at home. However, there are plenty of drawbacks to a freestanding closet. Unlike a fitted wardrobe, it won’t increase the value of your property. It’s a temporary investment, which means that you’ll have to replace all the outdated furniture when you redecorate your room. The storage space is also limited, and there are only so many areas you can put the closet without taking up too much space.

In conclusion, your choice depends on the many factors discussed in this article. Choosing between a fitted wardrobe and a freestanding closet is a personal decision based on your needs.


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