Exposed Bricks In The Far Site House develops a unique character | Techno Architects

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Exposed Bricks In The Far Site House develops a unique character | Techno Architects

“The house is a metaphor for a garden” ….
The 2400 sft EAST facing site located in Malleswaram – is one of the oldest parts of Bengaluru which is highly prestigious and surrounded by beautiful large trees. The initial site conditions contained a house in which the client spent most of his childhood and over many years and with the expansion of the family – it made sense to demolish the old house and allow the new architecture to be subtle yet merge into the old charm which allows the pure forms and spaces to become a backdrop for the family’s lifestyle.

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The far site house is the result of a harmonic set of volumes intertwined with each; other than produce a mosaic of light and shadow, transparency, and opacity, where internal and external spaces inter as one environment. The stilt floor consists of the car park, foyer, guest bedroom and all other services whereas the ground floor consists of living, dining, kitchen, puja room, master bedroom and sit outs.

The first floor consists of private master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, family area, private balconies and the partial second floorconsists of multipurpose room which opens into terrace gardens offering a 360* views of the surrounding landscapes.At the heart of The far site house, is a connection to nature. The signature features like the water body, and the landscape bring a sense of ease and tranquility.

Almost all areas of the house have visual access to the garden, which provides a pleasing focal point for a home, enhancing the feeling of being with nature. The far site house is designed based on 5 principles: a)     simplicity b) harmony  c) authenticity  d) connection  e) detail. The right mix of materials makes all the difference. working with warm, earthy, natural materials such as natural clay bricks, clay jaalis (perforations), stone floors and wood fenestrations. These materials have great character and personality and get better with time.

Not only do they bring in warmth to the spaces, but also ensure that house blends effortlessly with the surrounding landscape. Exposed bricks used extensively develop a unique character over time with minimum Maintenance.

In conjunction with some of Technoarchitecture’ s planning strategies of spatial sequencing, framing of views and controlling of light to create a variety of different atmospheres and experiences throughout the house, and also to interweave the planning with contextually important principals of Vaastu. As in many of Technoarchitecture’ s buildings, the house is never revealing all at once. The circulation is planned in such a way that the spaces are slowly unfolded to the visitor in an experimental and spatial journey throughout the house. The interior color scheme and material palette is kept neutral and just the right amount of quirkiness is added in the furniture and lighting which complement the exposed bricks perfectly.

Fact File:

Architects: TechnoArchitecture

Area: 7000 ft²

Year: 2020

City: Bengaluru

Lead Architects: Rajesh Shivaram

Design Team: Rajesh Shivaram, Rupali, Megha, Yashaswini

Clients: Mrs. Pallavi and Mr. Santosh

Engineering: S.V construction

Landscape: Green flash

Photographs: Shamanth Patil J




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