Exploring the exclusive Sanitary ware collection by Aquant

At the architect’s diary, we take pride along with an opportunity to bring forward the leading and worthy brands for our viewers. With this initiative, we bridge the companies and the consumers and help relax the tedious hunt for the right and user-friendly brands. Today, we proffer a premium sanitary ware company that to everyone’s awe is superlative, elegant, and quiet, and affordable. They offer ultra-modern designs and splendid finishes- a perfect solution for contemporary sanitary wares when it comes to affordable opulent living. A brand that has emerged after a cumulative groundwork across industries worldwide. 

In today’s exclusive interview by The Architect’s Diary, we have Mr. Mayank Jain, the marketing head on behalf of the company’s managing directors, in conversation with Ar. Megha Hirani from the team. It’s the diligent and shrewd efforts of these four directors that make the company stand where it is today. Read along for further know-how of the brand… 

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1. Hello Mr. Mayank, we are glad to have you with us today. Aquant is a very alluring brand. What is Aquant story and how did the company initialize?

In 2006, Aquant started providing more than just basic sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures in the Indian market by actively seeking out exclusive and innovative products. The founders realized the need for exclusive, fashion-forward products in the world of bath design. Thus began the progression of traveling the world to visit factories for the latest designs, quality materials, and workmanship.

Within a decade, the brand become a trusted name and expanded to over 350 dealers with a presence in 63 cities and towns across India. Today we are headquartered in Mumbai and have been serving customers in the Indian market for the last 16 years. Our portfolio includes a large collection of faucets and bath fittings in PVD & Chrome Finishes, Shower System products, Ceramic Wash Basins & Toilets, and Wash Basins made from alternative materials such as marble, onyx, stainless steel, & concrete.

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2. Aquant took almost no time in soaring so high and being where it is today. What are the core values and ideas that the company runs by even today?

In a globalized world, it is important to choose the right supply partners. Our unrivaled supply chain capabilities give us the ability to design products in response to the latest global trends and bring them to India way ahead of our competition.

We supply directly to limited showrooms across India without employing distributors, cutting out middlemen leads to substantial cost savings which are passed to our customers. Cost savings are also gained through our efficient adoption of global lean management techniques, latest warehouse management systems and advanced supply-chain capabilities. This results in happy customers with world-class bathroom products purchased at best-in-class economical price tags! Aquant is on a mission to bring premium products to India at affordable price points.

Unlike other companies we hold ready stocks of products, minimizing the impact of supply chain issues. Providing product delivery faster than any brands in the market today.

3. There is something about the products that define the company from the rest. What is so special about it that sets you apart in this competitive market?

Aquant has been built upon trust with our client base. Quality and service have always been kept at the heart of the company’s value proposition. It is important to choose the right supply partners. Our unrivaled supply chain capabilities give us the ability to design products in response to the latest global trends and bring them to India way ahead of our competition.

We source the raw materials, internal components & finished products of our expansive product range from 60+ World-Class OEM companies in Italy, France, Hungary, Turkey, China & Indonesia. Each manufacturer is selected only after meticulous factory and product quality inspections. All internal parts of our Faucet & Shower System products are sourced from unrivaled European suppliers such as Vernet (France)Kerox (Hungary) & Neoperl (Switzerland)

Aquant employs a large Quality Control (QC) team at manufacturing locations. Products must conform to strict quality standards. Every piece of Aquant Sanitary ware is inspected for pin-holes, micro-cracks & colour consistency. Each Shower & Bathroom Fitting is tested under 1.6MPa water pressure to guarantee no leakage.

Our collection is comprised of contemporary products that exude quality and combine exquisite style with state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled performance and the highest quality.

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4. Aquant seems to bring the world to India’s disposal. Could you elaborate upon the world countries from where the materials and technologies get sourced and how are they manifested for the Indian consumers?

As said earlier we source the raw materials, internal components & finished products of our expansive product range from 60+ World-Class OEM companies in Italy, France, Hungary, Turkey, China & Indonesia. And each manufacturer is selected only after meticulous factory and product quality inspections.

We source our Marble & Onyx from some of the world’s finest quarries.

  • Bianco Onyx is a gorgeous White Onyx that is mined in Tuscany, Italy
  • Nero Marquina marble is a high-quality black marble extracted from the region of Markina in the north of Spain
  • Extracted in the Carrara area, Italy, the Statuario white marble has a bright white background crossed by medium-wide gray veins
  • Dark Emperador marble from Spain has a dark to medium brown color with cobweb-like patterns of golden intersecting veins
  • Honey Onyx imported from Iran is characterized by warmth and incredible depth of color
  • Mined near Bali in Indonesia, the softness of the beige symbolizes tranquility, which is the essence of our stone products

Every washbasin in this collection is hand-made by highly skilled artisans from Bali, giving an exclusive and unrepeatable value to each piece. Besides Natural Stone, our alternate basin portfolio features wash basins made from materials such as Stainless Steel and Concrete.

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5. The core essence of the company is also about making premium products affordable. How does the company manage to do that?

A product loses its value if it is available locally across all stores. Hence, we supply directly to limited showrooms across India without employing distributors.

Cutting out middlemen leads to substantial cost savings which are passed to our customers. With every level of middlemen, the cost of the product goes up by 8-12%. Any company will have around 2 to 4 levels of channel distributors and wholesalers which we at Aquant, completely skip and supply to showroom owners directly. The direct channel allows us to keep the pricing of premium products at economic costs.

Cost savings are also gained through our efficient adoption of global lean management techniques, latest warehouse management systems and advanced supply-chain capabilities which makes us ahead of the competition.

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6. What is the current network reach and distribution spread of the company as yet? And, what are the sources from where the consumers and designers can experience and purchase Aquant products?

We currently supply to over 350 dealers with presence in 63 cities and towns across India. We have 2 Company-Owned Experience Showrooms to help Architects, & Private clients easily select products. Mumbai Showroom which was established in 2014 and Pune showroom was established in 2019. These showroom showcases our product portfolio and have live displays of our shower systems.

Our Company Experience Showrooms located in Mumbai & Pune have set the standard as the premium bathroom design solution for Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Private Clients to select from. When they come for the final selection, we refer them to the nearest dealer in their city.

Irrespective of design intent or budget, we have a solution that will inspire and help to create a dream bathroom.

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7. Post sales service is something the contemporary consumers contemplate before making a purchase. What are the post sales and other services that the company offers?

Our Team is passionate about delivering Exceptional Customer Service. We have a dedicated Toll-Free Customer Helpline backed by Service-Centres across the country. We are confident that our products will give many years of trouble-free operation. However, for peace of mind, all our products are covered by warranties upto 10-Years.

Post purchase we provide complimentary on-site installation guide-lines to avoid any plumbing error. Local plumbers may make small connection mistakes which only comes to surface after the tiles/marbles are installed. Correcting these errors is laborious and exorbitant. Such minor details are very important for a brand to provide exceptional customer service.

We hold ready stocks of products and their spare parts. Which helps us to serve our customers within 48 hours on the complaint registered, pan India.

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8. One of the product features that set you apart is the ‘Click-select’ technology. Could you throw some light upon it?

User can enjoy a premium experience every day by operating bathroom fittings simply with the push of a button. The Click-Select Cartridge is tested upto 2 lac times which is equivalent to 13 years of total usage.

Powered by our latest Click-Select™ technology, the collection includes diverters in both Single-Lever & Thermostatic options. We also have basin faucets which use Progressive Cartridge technology for Hot-Cold water mixing.

New additions in this range are High-Flow Thermostatic five and six function diverter with 100% individual flow control option. 

9. What are the company’s future prospects or visions for the coming decade for the Indian market?

I believe the coming decade will see a move towards creating a ‘personal wellness spa’ in each home. During the pandemic, customers have realized that it is essential to have maximum functionality in all aspects of home design. We have seen a dramatic shift toward customers splurging on bathrooms that would resemble those found at luxury 5-star hotels. We aim to cater to these needs in an affordable way.

As well, the next trend is a shift from basic chrome finishes for bath fittings to trendy PVD finishes such as Rose Gold, Graphite Grey, Brushed Gold, etc. You will see a lot of new Finish additions in the Aquant portfolio going forward.

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This was a very inspiring and awestriking conversation. Indeed, great insight into how these market leaders work and what makes them what they are! It all started with a single thought of making those premium products available and affordable for the Indian market. The unbeatable willpower and the curated efforts of the leaders and the team is what have channelized Aquant’s success. It’s a company that truly believes in product power along with innovative strategies that focus purely on customer satisfaction. The mindset ‘Premium comes with a price and in fact, a lot of it’- faces a challenge now with Aquant’s widespread network across the country. Do visit the nearby store or the company website for in-depth guidance and exclusive product experience!

Q. Ar. Megha Hirani (Content Contributor, The Architect’s Diary)

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