• Ever-Evolving Bequest of Perfection | Marble Centre International Exclusive Experience Center

    Marble Centre International: product expertise, consistent quality, unwavering commitment and moral integrity, are the four pillars that sculpt its roots.

    “If you are a person with sound judgment, you will not hesitate to sculpt the marble into an inspiring piece of meaningful art.”Dr. Prem Jagyasi

    Such are the words that come to mind while visiting the state of the art experience center of Marble Centre International. An avant-garde unification of design, materials, luxury and craftsmanship. With over 30 years in the industry, MCI (Marble Centre International) has become a name of maverick for natural stone. With an exquisite collection sourced from every corner of the world, the experience center is an instance in itself. An apt and compelling example of what ideation, imagination and vision and execute to be. The Architect’s Dairy was invited to have an in-depth tour of the experience centre in Bangalore, where the idea of luxurious spaces through natural stone creations is graciously put forward.

    In an informative discourse with Ar. Nishal Sevak, Editor of The Architect’s Diary, the Director of Marble Centre International, Mr. Rahul Maheshwari, talks candidly about everything that MCI stands for, its accomplishments and the opportunities that are undoubtedly in store for them.

    I would like to express my utmost appreciation to you and the entire team behind the successful establishment, magnificent product line and the remarkable experience centre of the company. My first question would be that in the vast sea of Marble companies nationally and globally, what unique factor does MCI bring to the table? What makes the consumers choose MCI over other names in this ambitious arena?

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: MCI distinguishes itself in the competitive marble industry through its unparalleled product quality and an extensive collection that stands unmatched in India. Our commitment to delivering superior marble varieties, coupled with a diverse range of options, sets it apart, making it the preferred choice for consumers seeking top-tier products in the ambitious marble market.

    Aligning to this, when one thinks of marble, the term ‘luxury’ runs parallel to it. How does MCI define luxury through its products in every built form?

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: Two key facets of luxury products are ‘rarity’ and ‘perfection’. Marble Centre International’s collection consists of marble and stone that have been meticulously curated from across the world. It undergoes a painstaking process crafted to perfection to try and give nature’s creation the most perfect form possible.

    Marble Centre International

    That truly defines luxury in its highest tip. Moving further, we know that creative thinking and implementation knows no bounds. Please share with us some of the most innovative and out-of-the-box ways you have designed with marble or seen marble being utilized in the Art and Architecture industry.

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: One of the most satisfying or fulfilling things in our business is the opportunity to work closely with creative people – both designers and clients who are at most times trying to create something extraordinary and partner them in bringing their ideas alive with the best quality material. The instances are too many to highlight here.

    At our end, two of the most innovative ways we have tried to showcase marble in art and architecture is through our offices and facilities and through creative collaborations with architects and designers. Our experience centre is certainly one of its kind. It houses ten experience zones, each crafted around marble and stone as unique expressions in luxury lifestyle. With eighty-one unique ideas in stone applications, it is an experience in art, architecture and stone in itself from every inch. Apart from this our corporate headquarters not only showcases lifestyle experience zones in marble and stone but uses every opportunity to showcase the use of marble in the most innovative and imaginative ways. From reception desks, to boardroom doors to door handles and staircase railings, details are all that we went on board with.

    With the help of the latest technology, products are customised to cater to individual tastes and preferences, while creating unique and original designs through special and innovative finishes on natural stone.

    Marble Centre International

    Our creative collaborations include Soft Rock – Learn To Fly, which was as an award winning installation by MCI and College Architecture Studio followed by its sequel Rolling Stones, which shows off the possibilities of natural stone and bringing the best out of Broznite and Golden Lava.

    When we talk about Architecture in South India, it’s impressive how widely earthy materials such as brick and terracotta are used. Being a naturally sourced material, majorly found in Central and Northern India, how does marble compete with these local and natural materials of the Southern Zone?

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: This question may not be applicable since MCI deals exclusively in imported marble and stone which, especially when compared with Indian marble, comes with a larger range, variety and choice of products.

    Tell us about your experience with Architects and Interior Designers on the work front. Please elaborate on the paved directions taken to bring their imagination to fruition.

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: The sheer variety in colors, patterns and textures in the MCI collection is carefully curated from all over the world. This makes it more likely for architects and designers to find the ideal stone that can give shape to their ideas and designs and help bring them to life. Also, Marble Centre International has always been the leader in introducing new products and for designers marble can inspire ideas and design concepts. The Experience Centre is also designed for this purpose, among other things.
    On many occasions, we have seen both designers and end user get fresh ideas and inspiration, rethink their concepts, when they visit us and get to experience marble through an extensive collection, lifestyle experience zones and unique applications and VR experiences. Marble is a unique material in its ability to become the base around which an entire space or project’s design can be planned.

    That is indeed every unique perspective. Every Experience Centre of a company is an important lens for the consumers and audience to acquaint with the core values of the company. What were the aspects that you envisioned for MCI’s experience center and how has it aligned with the principles of the company?

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: Our commitment to customers resulted in the making of the experience centre, as we felt it was long due. It is also a testimony to our pioneering DNA that has always seen us play the role of change drivers for the category, who have introduced many firsts. Retail has become a complete experience – first across categories. Customer expectations have reformed and we are happy to say we are among the first to drive our category in that direction.
    The company’s core values of integrity, trust and respect have been derived from our traditional values and form the bedrock of the business and this is what underpins the entire customer experience at Marble Centre International.

    This is built around the four facets of Integrity, Information, Inspiration and Interaction. Identified from our experience of over three decades, the building blocks for the ideal customer journey that can meet their expectations and more. 

    Every feature as well as the design and structure of the facility can be mapped to these four key tenets of the MCI experience. The MCI Experience Centre, designed around the customer journey for both end users as well as architects and designers is a demonstration of our commitment to quality, attention to detail and our passion for natural stone and how it plays a central role in architecture and design. The experience centre stands out, rated by international visitors as world-class. As the roadmap unfolds into the future, we plan to unfurl new elements and features that will leverage applicable next-gen technologies and transformation. 

    Marble Centre International

    How has having an effective digital presence of your brand acted as a catalyst in the growth of your experience center?

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: We are building a digital presence to increase visibility and access to the younger and newer audiences. As with everything, Marble Centre International is building the foundations of a strong digital presence which can match the on-ground experience.

    There is a sense of absolute awe at the first glance of the centre which gets better and better with each space that the visitor experiences. Do share with us the noteworthy design considerations along with the technological additions that sculpt this centre.

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: The design considerations reflect four key aspects:
    First, the consumer journey and key emotional and psychological factors that influence and inform their choices. Secondly, the category, that is, natural stone and where it originates from. For example, the whole building has been imagined as being carved out of a single block of stone and it is the predominant material used and has been the base for all design innovations.
    Third, the use of both natural light and artificial light demonstrates how both interact and interplay with stone and its aesthetics. The ample use of other natural elements like greenery in and around the facility. And fourth, in terms of technology, automated processes and features play a key role and latest VR/ AR tools have been used to enhance the customer experience. The overall design is also meant to resonate with architects and designers as well as the customer as a marvel of design and architectural inspiration in itself.

    Marble Centre International

    Acting as a doorway to innumerable milestones, what are the plans for the future of Marble Centre International and how has the centre played or will play a role in it?

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: As with most organisations that truly evolve and grow into the future, we are constantly trying to look at the fundamental role we play in the lives of our customers and end consumers rather than as a company that sells marble and stone. This is the guiding outlook and is resulting in strategic extension and expansion of portfolio of offerings. We are inherently a retail brand and retail has become and will continue to be driven by customer experience above all else. For us, fortunately, customer experience is part of our story since our foundation and has continued to be the driving factor. 

    The Experience Centre is a manifestation of our commitment to customers and is the seat of the new chapter unfolding at MCI as it marches into the future. We aim to introduce a host of firsts at this facility in the days ahead towards making it a destination and hub of creativity and collaboration in the luxury and lifestyle space.

    Marble Centre International

    On this inspiring and motivating note, please share a few words of wisdom for the young entrepreneurs of our nation.

    Mr. Rahul Maheshwari: We are rooted in fundamental values that have always held true and we try to espouse and encourage these among all at MCI. We firmly believe that excellence is not a destination but a philosophy and there are no shortcuts. Integrity, trust and respect are the best assets to invest in and protect. Dreams come true only when we believe in them and their beauty.  

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