Elevating the Luxury Coffee Experience, One Brew At a Time with Anh Coffee Roastery | Red 5 Studio

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A radically progressive shift seen in this conceptually built structure of red terracotta bricks that glides along the brand identity, characteristic of design fluidity, also synonymous with a new coffee brand and café design. This concept of building a coffee house that mimics basalt land growing coffee on cloudy days, not only is an exclusive take on a new coffee brand but instills novelty to the by-passers and coffee subscribers, alike. With curved mesh stairs and incorporating plantations personifies fresh brewing and coffee drinking experience in the countryside setting. The palette is evident in exploring new fronts, transcending the spatial constraints and run of the mill design perceptions. With this organic built coffee house with central location, does it subtly faint the mesh between natural and the man-made? ~Yamini Vaswani

Elevating the Luxury Coffee Experience, One Brew At a Time with Anh Coffee Roastery | Red 5 Studio

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“Anh Coffee Roastery” is a relatively new brand in the coffee market in Vietnam, not yet defined by any design style. With the current site having a good location in the center of Saigon, a large façade width, and a deep setback of the existing architectural block, this will be an advantage for Red5 to come up with good ideas for the project this time.

The story we want to tell with “Anh Coffee Roastery” is inspired by the scene of the basalt red land growing coffee on cloudy days. The feeling of being immersed in that floating-place is the primary material and inspiration that Red5 wants to tell for this project.

With a current state of quite a few columns, because the building was renovated from the old block, the design team connected this column system with a large common table strip spanning the entire first-floor space. Besides, creating another path outside the building leads guests from the interior space of the 1st floor to a “small outdoor garden” on the 2nd floor. Making a small atrium between the 2nd floors for planting trees is also possible to create a connection and light up the space below. With the advantage of a deeply recessed building and lots of trees, this space is suitable for those who love the natural atmosphere.

By creating a “brick red” block with the gentle curves of the white mesh system, it is difficult to know that the status quo is just a rigid glass office block. The dramatic change in colors, shapes, and materials probably creates the highlight for “Anh Coffee Roastery” at first sight.

By design language and material combination, we bring red terracotta brick from the façade into the whole interior space – floor, wall, bar, or even seating blocks. The cloud part has designed by the iron grid system running on the ceiling throughout both floors and the façade. In addition, navy blue – the brand’s signature color and natural wood were also cleverly incorporated into the space by the design team.

The driven by curves from the large communal table on the ground floor to the iron grid throughout the building, combined with the straight red terracotta bricks, all blend to create a fluffy sanctuary.

Fact File:

Designed by: Red 5 Studio

Client: Anh Coffee Roastery

Design Team : Lai Chinh Truc, Nguyen Vinh Nhi, Tran Thi Kim Duyen, Lam Luong, Le Hung Thao, Pham Hoang Duy Nhan

Construction: Anh Coffee Roastery

Area: 4025 sq.ft.

Location: 200 Pasteur, District 3, Saigon, Vietnam

Photography Credits: Đỗ Sỹ

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