Elevating Atmosphere of Simple Aesthetics in this Office Interiors | The Arch Studio

This bright, light office interiors is the perfect place to think and create. We envision every project initially with a hand sketch and then follow the 3d views and renders. This process helps us rely on our instincts of imagination. We believe that spaces must inspire hope with physical and emotional depth and facilitate a connection between human beings. 

Elevating the Atmosphere of Simple Aesthetic of this Office Interiors | The Arch Studio

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Here, we took care in using minimal materials and still creating office interiors in a more simplistic way. Spaces should speak to you and less clutter in design helps us create such kinds of spaces. 

Careful selections in furniture, fabrics, lighting, accents and flooring helped us achieve the simplicity in design. The special storage needs were taken care of with bookshelves to storage areas for files and other equipment. Every room exuberates a different emotion as per the client’s requirements. The beauty of these spaces is the natural light and the color palette, which makes this office interiors more airy and open, more inviting and creative. 

The attention-grabbing, vibrant shelf placed here is the perfect element that elevates the atmosphere of the simplistic aesthetic of the room. In a minimalistic approach to design, “God lies in the details” and thus we have focussed on the details to a great extent. Every piece of furniture was curated with the minimalistic and modern edge to it.

The curved partition fused with the glass, helped in creating a visual barrier along with maximum functionality from both sides. It made the space open and inviting, breaking the barriers of doors and enclosed partitions.

A small library and reading corner in the corner space is the perfect spot to snuggle into after a long day of work. The side table offers versatile space for your laptop while you’re working, and transforms into a comfortable drink holder while you’re relaxing with a good book.

Wall paneling was kept as minimum as possible to create a larger than life atmosphere. Linear grooves with lights adorn the ceiling to break the monotony of the white wash walls. It also gives us the sense of a larger space. We used glass extensively in the form of facades and fenestration to establish the connections between spaces and invite ample light into the office. 

The simplicity in the open space along with the complexity in the details is what makes the spaces stand out. Greens help to activate the space in every zone. The ambience created makes it very comfortable and open for communication.

This open office creates an inviting environment by blending artistry and architecture. We design everything to function correctly, complement the human experience and transform the space for the better. The Open Spaces collection features interiors with expansive open living environments, curved partitions and wide boardwalks. This collection blends steel, glass and wood with artistic details that bring light into spaces. Here you can see our combined expertise of artistry and architecture that transforms any space into an inspiring experience.  

Fact File

Designed By: The Arch Studio

Typology: Office Interior Design

Project Name: The Yellow Office

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2021

Duration: 3 Months

Size: 1000 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 20 Lac

Principal Designer: Siddhina Sakla

Photography Courtesy: Photographix

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