• Elements-The Central Park | Ahmedabad | Ignitus Architectural Studio

    Elements-The Central Park | Ahmedabad | Ignitus Architectural Studio

    An extraordinary creative collaboration has resulted in a new landmark for a city.

    We started to design this project almost one and half years back with the plot in our hand and a brief of just to create a landmark residential apartment building in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad.

    The site is located in the very prominent location of the city and the area is known as Law Garden. The site has roads on three sides and a residential building on one side. Opposite to the site is a very famous garden of the city is there which is known as Law Garden and hence the name of the area is also known from the garden.






    The biggest task to design is creating luxury in term of space, scale, circulation with the view of law garden. Each floor has two apartments.

    The idea to put the building in setback from the main road which is 30 meters wide. To do so we have provided a common plot in front and after put required margin from a common plot main building is 16 meters away from the road.

    The ground floor of the building is designed in such way that there is no vehicular movement accept a drop of zone at the porch. The ground floor is also containing all the common amenities this project has i.e. welcoming foyer with reception area, meeting room, library, home theatre and gymnasium.

    Strategically places the cluster of three elevations and staircase for vertical movement of the resident. The idea to provide three elevators is to give separate wing like feeing to both apartments and the third one is as a service elevator.





    Project Summary:

    Project Name:  Elements – The Central Park

    Location:  Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Client: Elements Projects

    Design Team:  Chirag Panchal,Urmin Shah,Mamta Gajjar

    Commencement of Project: March 2017

    Project Status: Under Construction

    Floor Area: 97127 (sq.ft.)

    Landscape Area:12917 (sq.ft.)

    Landscape Architect:Earthscape Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

    3D Visualization:Impact Design



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