Elegant Apartment Design With A Mix Of Old & New Elements | Alter Architects

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Elegant Apartment Design With A Mix Of Old & New Elements | Alter Architects


The first impression, as they say, is the last impression. This elegant apartment Welcomes visitors to the world with a stylishly designed foyer tastefully created using veneer and geometric pattern on MDF with paint, just to ensure that you get that flawless finish to a grand entrance with a foyer leading to equally stunning rooms. 

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Living Room

The living room, as the name suggests, is where you actually live your moments with your friends and family. The main wall has been crafted with a texture to add a touch of class to the space that fosters smiles and nurtures memories to cherish.

 The ceramic art by the renowned artist Vinod Daroz lends an unmistakable charm to the entire living space that speaks volumes on the taste for finer things. The custom-made sofas ensure that your lounge around precisely the way you’d prefer, right to the minuets detail. 

Dining Area

A family that eats together, stays together – A maxim that underlines the significance of Dining Area in a home. We have designed the Dining Area, by reusing the old Dining Table and Chairs for a touch of nostalgia, replacing the top with Italian marble and fabric with something that would blend with the warm ambience of the Dining Area. 

The mirror has been strategically placed in such a way that your guests can admire the beautiful ceramic art of the Living Room even while dining with you. The lamp right above the Dining Area ensures that you are under the spotlight of elegance. 

Master Bedroom

Spaces that ensure sweet dreams to you and your family members, the Master Bedroom is your own space where you escape from the hectic schedule and find solace in the warm comfort of a soothing ambiance. We customized this Master Bedroom, by revamping the old beds while adding the psychedelic pattern in the MDF with textured paint to strike a perfect balance between tranquil and chic. We color-coordinated the wardrobe in a way that seamlessly blends with the overall interiors that soothe your senses. 

Daughter’s Bedroom

When it comes to designing a daughter’s bedroom, each nook and cranny has to be customized. Having closely studied the preferences of our client’s daughter, we used flex stone in the bed back along with Fabric Bed Back, a combination that makes the entire bedroom stand out with a subtle touch of being contemporary, yet classic to the core.

Add to that the textured wallpaper and a clutter-free look, and you have the perfect tailormade bedroom to cherish.  

Fact File:

Firm: Alter Architects

Name: Flat at nilamber bellisimo 2

Location: Vasna, Vadodara

Type: Residential

Completion: 2018

Area: 1200 sqft.

Principal Designer: Chitra Sindhkar, Shil Shah, Parth Patel, Aditya Umrajkar

Photography: Tejas Shah Photography


After graduating from different institutions of Vadodara, We Chitra Sindhkar, Shil Shah, Parth Patel, Aditya Umrajkar worked in different reputed firms initially to gain work experience and to face the reality of the field.

Alter Architects, an Architecture and Interior Design firm was established with a vision of creating a design that is a perfect blend of Architecture with Interiors in the year 2017 at Vadodara. We at Alter Architects try to employ the experiences of all the partners to produce something extraordinary. The Strength we believe is our experiences in different areas backing us working on all kinds of projects. Our key philosophy is to prioritize our client’s needs and fulfilling the same with our creativity. We have worked on several residential & commercial projects in and out of Vadodara. Along with the team of young and creative architects and designers, we work dedicatedly to make each project unique & better than the previous one.

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