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Elegant and Sophisticated Residence Interiors | FSO

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Elegant and Sophisticated Residence Interiors | FSO  (Future Spaces Organisation, SURAT)


The owner wants the house to witness an expression of an  Indian touch to the contemporary style.This residence is elegantly sophisticated without compromising the design aesthetics, while still allowing the flexibility of space utilization.


The spaces have been intelligently carved in the house giving it an earthy feeling.The architect’s brief of a warm&welcoming home has been created with the use of Contemporary and Rustic Furniture. The understated materials, the control of colours which infuse soul into space are the characters that set the “MOOD.”




The design has involved a lot of processes to create a perfect transition between different spaces which creates an eagerness to explore those spaces, a feeling which is evoked while moving through it.The wall mounted Buddha statue is facing the living room to block negative energy and greet visitors, as well as to enhance the balance of essence, or energy, in the “home.”


( FSO ) future spaces organisation, SURAT.    -a new stance for tomorrow.

Firm Profile:

I, Ar. Shailesh Dhanani obtained my Bachelors of Architecture in 2008 from our very own SCET, Surat. And Trained under the very reputed Chinese Architect Philippe Choo, at Mauritius. The design has been my passion and this creativity led me to build  F S O: “FUTURE SPACES ORGANISATION”  in 2010.


Future Spaces Organisation (F S O), Surat is an emerging firm handling projects in various domains such as Architecture,  Interior design, Landscape design, Product design and Graphics design.The firm was established in 2010 headed by an Architect  Ar. Shailesh Dhanani,  accompanied by highly enthusiastic colleagues.


At future spaces, our method has always been highly intuitive and innovative. Every project attained is treated as an opportunity to explore new possibilities and the proposals presented celebrate the solution in space modulation revitalization of the existing and everything we do has far-reaching implications, beyond the definition of a building.


At FSO we constantly strive to deliver a unique and personal product each of them close to our heart. We are deeply committed to all our projects and we believe our success lies in our attention to creativity, details and exploration which elevate our work to another realm of ‘design’. Each of FSOs project is meticulously detailed to enrich one’s experience of space, light, materials and craftsmanship. We treat every project as a potential benefactor to a sustainable environment, local economies, and our own community.



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