• How Digital Marketing Has Changed The Face Of Interior Design Business in India

    The rising demand of interior designers & architects in India has encouraged many enthusiastic design aspirants to opt for a vocation in this field. Also, many fresh graduates nowadays are choosing to work independently as a freelance interior designer or architect rather than working with a pre-established firm. This growing number of freelance professionals is surely encouraging for new entrants into this industry.

    However, what is the secret behind this growth of freelance interior designers & architects? Is it the growing demand, the continuously expanding industry? Or is it due to the changed mindset of Indians and their enhanced standard of living which makes them keen on trying new designs? While all this is true, the primary reason behind the growth of the freelance industry is the upsurge of digital media which has changed the way of business for interior designers & architects.

    Today, we take a quick overview of how digital marketing has helped to change the face of the interior design industry in India.


    Digital marketing has fastened the pace of business.

    Unlike traditional marketing methods like visiting cards, print advertising, radio advertising, etc., the digital marketing mediums work quickly and are helping interior designers and architects reach prospects rapidly.

    Digital marketing begins with creating an attractive website, adding a few excellent photos and videos of your previous projects, starting and updating your blog and sharing your work and ideas through social media. By ensuring precise and high-quality content, striking photo and video portfolio and proper SEO; anyone can now make sure that they can attract more and more viewers who are in search for interior design services.


    Digital marketing has enhanced reachability.

    The traditional marketing methods are no doubt useful but can reach a limited number of people with a moderate budget. However, digital marketing mediums like websites, emails & social media can reach a wider audience for much lesser cost which enhances reachability.

    With all the digital marketing options now available to interior designers and architects, they can reach homeowners in India via Facebook, Google or other marketing platforms like Floma which help connect professionals with consumers.


    Digital marketing has made room for continuous innovation.

    With digital marketing, you can experiment and innovate endlessly to promote your business. Besides adding photos to your websites or social media profiles, you can add 3D videos, start discussions, polls for encouraging more interactions. They can help the viewers get a better idea of your work and style as a designer.

    Not only that, by listing your business on Google or Floma, you can let prospects easily contact you with their design requirements. With digital marketing, nothing is impossible! You can come up with a bulk of ideas and make them work for promoting your business.


    Digital marketing is not too time-consuming or costly. By dedicating some time and money for marketing, you can yield substantial results. You also need not indulge in marketing yourself. You can entrust a digital marketing expert to design a marketing strategy and execute it for you. Innovative interior design platforms like Floma are all set to help you with digital marketing tools and services to help you grow your business.


    So, if you are a skilled interior designer or architect looking to grow your own business, digital media is where you should be… Start today!




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