• Different Shelving Combinations Designed To Work In Any Space!

    Different Shelving Combinations Designed To Work In Any Space!

    Organizing things has always been my Achilles’ heel. And I know it’s something everyone struggles with from time to time. So product designers Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita have decided to make our lives ten folds easier with Hexagon.

    Designed for Hans Thyge and Co, Hexagon is a modular shelving unit inspired by one of my favorite geometric shapes, you guessed it…the Hexagon!   

    Hexagon is a system of organizers that is mounted upon a magnetic rail. Created entirely from metal and accompanied by multiple organizers in various shapes and colors, the layout can be customized according to your personal preference and wherever you decide to position it! Placed in the kitchen, it becomes a perfect vestibule for kitchen storage. The hooks can be used for holding dish towels and spatulas, whereas the magnetized panels can be used for storing knives. Place it in your bedroom or living room, and the various shelves and hooks become perfect for storing books, records, holding your coats and jackets and other miscellaneous tidbits.

    You can create different shelving combinations according to your needs, helping you keep your personal space more organized than ever. Colorful, metallic, and modular the Hexagon deserves a comfy spot in all our living spaces!

    Designer: Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita of Hans Thyge and Co. for Design Bite.

    Source: Yanko Design 

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