Alter Ego Launches its Petal Chair Collection.

Alter Ego Launches its Petal Chair Collection.

Designer: Alter Ego Studio

Regular chairs have backrests and armrests, the Petal Chair, well, has petalesque forms that double as backrests and arm-supports.

Meet the European Product Design Award-winning chair that looks to flowers for furniture inspiration. The chair comes with three gently curved petals, almost resembling an exotic orchid.

The chair’s diagonally slanted armrests are wonderful for relaxing your weary limbs as well as sitting in the yogic lotus posture, with your legs folded inwards.

To reinforce the chair’s sense of comfort, it comes with pillows for cushioning, suspended using extendable straps that you can height-adjust for that comfortable sweet-spot.

“The Petal armchair is designed to change the position of the body and improve blood circulation. It gives the ability to take a break and restore your mental balance”, says the St. Petersburg-based design studio, Alter Ego.


The Petal Chair is a Bronze Winner of the European Product Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Alter Ego Studio

Source: Yanko Design  

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