Deloitte Office – Banglore | RC Architecture

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Deloitte Office – Banglore | RC Architecture

RC Architecture completed the office design for global accounting company, Deloitte office, located in Bangalore, India.The Deloitte office is situated in one of Bangalore’s premium building, having sweeping views of the city. As this is a consulting office with many verticals, the workspace is designed around their specific requirement, while keeping ample space for collaborative working. One floor situated in the middle of the 7 floors is the reception which housed the corporate functions.

The colors and themes for the floors were influenced by the elements of matter – Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Ether. The neutral palette consisting of shades of cool grey was achieved by the element ‘ether’.

Our approach was ‘human centric’ at the same time pursuing the powerful advantage of corporate positioning.



DesignerRC Architecture

Design Team: Suraj Anchan, George Prajwal



Industry:Financial / Investments

Size:180,000 sqft


Photography: Mani Iyer


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