• Decluttering Your Living Space – 3 Do’s and 1 Don’t

    Throwing out old belongings isn’t always easy. However, living in a spacious, vibrant home is simply wonderful – at some point, we’ll have to decide which is more important!

    We’ve put together three things you should do to help declutter your living space and one thing you must not do at any cost!

    1. Do: See the Problem, Visualize the Solution

    As the old saying goes, you will never truly know how much stuff you have until it’s time to pack it all up. Empty wardrobes and cupboards 1 by 1. From here you can decide what to donate or give away to friends and family. 

    The same is true for the remaining items in your home. Separate your items into two piles. The piles should be dedicated to trash and donations. Once you have organized your piles, you’re ready to part ways. And by this, we mean dropping items off at your local Salvation Army or hiring a dumpster rental team. 

    Knowing what size dumpster you’ll need can save you money – and being able to throw stuff away all at once is cheaper than renting a dumpster for several days or even weeks while you make your mind up. Once you’ve got a good idea of how big the problem is, you can get rid of everything in one swift exodus.

    Commissioning a dumpster rental company will help take additional stress off your back because the dumpsters can be delivered right to your driveway, saving you time in transporting your junk. Convenient and essential for any decluttering operation.

    2. Do: Be Ruthless

    There’s some room for sentimentality when getting rid of junk. Only a bit, though. That tiny footstool that nobody has used in 5 years? It’s taking up space. The TV from the 90s that is still somehow collecting dust in the corner? Find a proper place to dispose of electronic goods and stop thinking that someone will want to buy the TV from you. They won’t.

    It’s easier to reimagine your living space when it’s not dominated by useless objects that refuse to move out of spite. Get them out!

    3. Do: Ask For Opinions

    This is especially important in homes that have provided for multiple generations of the same family. Before you start the decluttering massacre, ask your relatives to find time to come and visit. Put items that might have sentimental value out on display and ask them to decide if they’d like to take them or not.

    Creating a pleasant living space will make your home more welcoming for guests. However, you shouldn’t forget how welcoming it can be for family visitors to rediscover some childhood comforts when they visit your home.

    This last statement comes with an important caveat – here’s what not to do.

    4. …and Don’t: Let People Treat Your Home as a Museum

    When you invite people to take sentimental items, make it clear that in most cases if they want to keep something, they should take it with them. It’s fine to hang onto a few things for each family member, but don’t let people insist that you hang onto items that they’d never keep in their own homes. It’s not fair, and you’ll never be free of clutter!

    Politely ask when they’d like to take an item away. Gently set deadlines and enjoy the look of surprise on their face!

    The Takeaway

    Decluttering your living space is all about visualizing what you want it to become, and not being dominated by what it currently looks like. Take a stern approach to old and unwanted furniture and an even sterner approach to people who tell you not to throw things out. It’s your home, make the most of it!

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