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    With the leaves growing and more time spent outdoors, it is essential to look at your roof for some spring-cleaning. It is a must-do job because your home’s roof should look spick and span from all possible angles. Remember that your roof creates the first impression on people, visible to your neighbors, guests, and friends. If you have roof years old, it is time that you work on it. 

    According to an article published on, spring-cleaning is essential for keeping your family safe. You should use first-rate cleaning products that do not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Here are some tips to spring-clean your roof to make it look new and enhanced: 

    Get rid of all debris

    The gutters are often clogged with withered leaves, rubble, shingles, and needles creating an unsightly look. After the winter months are gone, and all that debris in the gutters, your roof needs a reality check. First things first, clean your gutters and sweep away the dried leaves from your home’s roof. If there is too much rubble, get the job done by a professional roofing contractor. A trained crew knows how to climb on the roof safely without damaging the shingles. Therefore, opt for professional assistance because roof cleaning is not a DIY job. 

    Set up new gutters 

    People notice your roof gutters the most, especially aged, twisted, and sagging ones leave a very bad impression on your guests and most importantly, your roof is prone to damage if the gutters aren’t replaced or repaired on time. So give your home a facelift by setting up new gutters. You can look for Roofing Dallas TX | Commercial & Residential Roofing Contractor Dallas or similar contractors on Google to get the job done efficiently sans any flaws. 

    You can upgrade to stylish materials and designs including copper gutters to make your roof new and improved. A new gutter will also help to drain the water effectively. Did you know that even replacing the downspouts with contemporary chains could boost the look and functionality of your roof? 

    Remove all mildew and algae

    In places where humidity is more, your roof may grow mildew, dark algae, as well as moss, particularly old roofs bordered by huge trees. Mildew or algae growth not only looks unsightly but also damage the shingles, and if not removed properly, your roof may become damaged beyond repair. Remember a complete roof replacement will create a hole in your pocket. 

    A professional roofing contractor knows how to spring-clean. He would rid of algae or mildew by washing the roof with a mild bleach and water mixture. This is a temporary solution though and therefore, smart homeowners opt for zinc or copper installations to avert long-term problems associated with algae or mildew growth. 

    Use bright-colored shingles

    When the roof shingles fade over the years, it is time to use new shingles with brilliant shades. It will improve the aesthetics of your home. After all, appearance matters. 


    Keep these tips in mind while spring-cleaning your roof after the harsh winter months. Make your roof look new and super clean. 

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