Birmingham Roofing Tips for Spring Cleaning Checklist Birmingham AL

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Spring in Birmingham, Alabama could mean spectacular dogwood with its eye-catching bracts and azaleas, warmer temperatures, and often severe weather conditions. Not only is there a splendid floral display in spring, but you could also, see a truly luxuriant lighter green foliage. 

As per, Birmingham weather seems to be pretty unpredictable. During one portion of the day, you may enjoy bright sunshine while during the other portion of the same day you could be compelled to take refuge from heavy rains. Generally, spring in Birmingham is marked by above-average precipitation and above-average temperatures. The fact remains that winter and autumn could be quite harsh on homes. These harsh elements and inclement weather adversely impact the roofing materials, gutters, and exterior walls.  For keeping your home beautiful and robust, it is mandatory to perform some preliminary care with the advent of spring.

Your roofing goes a long way in creating first impressions. Your roof is very much visible to passersby, friends, and homebuyers. Your roof must boost your overall curb appeal. It is the right time to take proactive measures to safeguard your roofing. Let us explore top tips tip to enhance the overall appearance and boost the robustness of your roofing in Birmingham, Alabama this spring.

Get Rid of the Debris 

After the harsh winter days, your roof and the gutters are sure to be left with debris. You simply cannot ignore or overlook the fact that your roof needs a thorough cleaning. Homeowners should not try getting on the roofs and doing the cleaning job on their own. Things could be pretty precarious out there. It is best to seek professional help from roofing experts in your area.  Gutters would be full of shingles and needles and covered with leaves. Just below the layer of winter debris, you are having roofing that surely deserves everybody’s attention. You need to get your gutters cleaned thoroughly and sweep off the debris and leaves off the roof carefully. 

You need a professionally supervised cleaning in the event; there is excessive dirt and dust. Do not forget that when you climb all over the roofing, it could prove to be dangerous to the vulnerable shingles. A ladder should be used from where you could use a leaf blower or a rake to remove the debris. You may wear a robust pair of gloves and use your hands for efficiently removing the debris from your roof. It is, however, best to get your roof inspected and cleaned by Honest Abe Roofing | Roofing Contractors for perfect spring cleaning.

Remove Mildew & Algae

When it rains consistently because of wet weather conditions, roofs could develop mildew, dark algae, and even moss particularly, in the case of older roofs that are surrounded by trees. These unsightly and undesirable overgrowths would be making your roof appear ugly and hurting your shingles. Getting rid of algae and mildew could be the best and much-needed spring cleaning project. A mixture of bleach and water could prove to be effective in eliminating the algae. However, experts recommend zinc and copper installations for preventing long-term issues. 

Get Edges and Eaves Repaired

If your roof edges are looking uneven and frayed and if the paint is flecking off your eaves, you must consider repairing your eaves effectively and replacing all problematic shingles during your spring cleaning exercise. This would help your roof to get an even and really fresh appearance that should go a long way in boosting curb appeal.


It is a good idea to get your roof inspected every spring to detect issues on your roof such as potential leaking spots or damaged shingles. Go about your spring cleaning exercise diligently every spring and do not hesitate to seek expert assistance from experienced roofing contractors.