Contemporary, Clear-Lined, And Minimalistic Office Space | Gaurav Kharkar and Associates

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Contemporary, Clear-Lined, And Minimalistic Office Space | Gaurav Kharkar and Associates

open space with a functional and dynamic work environment Creating a new ambiance for a business is as important as designing the brand itself.

This contemporary, clear-lined, and minimalistic office space project is located in Marine Drive, Mumbai, and its magazine-like features are designed to host the company which is one of the prominent importers & exporters of a wide range of steel products.

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We were briefed by the clients to create a mixture of open space work areas, personal cabins, conference room, reception, and waiting area with a hidden pantry for a functional and dynamic work environment. Creating a new ambiance for a business is as important as designing the brand itself. And of course, the lobby or the reception area, the first element to greet visitors is the face of the business.

The Reception area was kept modern with a blend of veneer, white marble, graphics and use of red bricks cladding done in a different way to spice up the area. Behind the graffiti is the Conference Room the goal for this area was to create artistic and modern space where the creativity of the executive and staff working there can be freely unleashed. So, the small artful details such as the stark blue colour fiber column were created to cover an existing column also the very interesting artwork composed on the canvas of the white wall stand out entertainingly but without interfering with the working process.

Moving forward to the open staff area which is dominated by sunshine yellow colour partitions of the fully white workstations which ensures close connection among the staff and makes space more inspirational. We adopted delicate and neutral gray as a basic hue, while shaking off complicated designs and excessive decorations, thereby created a simplistic yet dynamic space as well as a free working atmosphere.

One of the most prominent points of the project is undoubtedly hidden in the details such as the slightly urban and industrial appearance coming from preserving the industrial space by retraining the exposed concrete ceiling. Another signature touch of our style in the open staff area is an artistic and well-balanced random graphic wall incorporating few planter boxes on it. Facing to the terrace are three cabins of the MD and CEO’s which has its artistic, minimalistic, and contemporary individuality and all together create a unique and pleasant working space.

MD’s Cabin:

This cabin is for the Managing Director of the Company, so we have kept the cabin minimal as per the client’s liking. The executive table in this cabin is exclusively designed to serve as a meeting table as well and to meet all expectations of the user.


This cabin has a backdrop in busy veneer paneling incorporating random niches with storage below. The executive table has intriguing detail which is a twist to this minimal space. Thus the material palette gives the cabin a different identity.


This Cabin belongs to the youngest member of the family so the design for this cabin has been kept modern but also introduces some elements from the other cabins to let it blend in a harmonious way by using a similar material palette with different forms and pattern in all the cabins.

Thus creating contemporary minimalistic details or industrial hints and the soft, warm colored furniture pieces with sunny design elements are visible throughout the premises, creating a dynamic and expressive environment full of entertaining contrasts that have emerged as a new work mode for the inhabitants.


Firm: Gaurav Kharkar and Associates

Client : MarineDrive office

Area: 2000 sqft

Location : Mumbai

Principal Architect: Gaurav & Vidhita Kharkar

Photo credit : phxindia


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