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    Based in San Jose, CA, MAI Construction, Inc. has become one of the premier Bay area commercial general contractor firms for construction projects spanning the life science, technology, office and education sectors. A stable and robust firm with continuing growth, MAI Construction has become one of Silicon Valley’s top design-build and retrofit firms, with an impressive client resume including Facebook, Google, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, FedEx, Fujitsu, Microsoft and Stanford University, among many other well-known names.

    From their website: “Specializing in high end, fast track, and phased tenant improvements, our clients can be assured of a successful project, financially and per schedule. Our dedicated and experienced project team takes pride in knowing every detail from conception to completion.” MAI’s core specialties include:

    • Building structures
    • Seismic retrofit
    • Offices
    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Retail
    • Medical
    • Computer Facilities
    • Semiconductor Labs
    • Biotech
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Clean rooms (rating 1-100,000)
    • Laboratories
    • cGMP construction
    • Clean technology
    • Higher education
    • Historical renovation
    • Data centers


    Many of MAI’s contracts straddle the intersections of multiple disciplines at once. A recent retrofit and building upgrade for Prowess, Inc. included office and utility upgrades, additional lights for warehouse operations, a new conference and demo room and more. Prowess, Inc. develops software-based cancer detection and treatment solutions. Similarly, the renovation of Synaptics’ corporate campus required everything from break rooms to R&D laboratories and a fitness room, all designed to exacting tolerances to transform the 1980s original construction into modern. LEED-compliant spaces suited for a leader in human interface technology development.

    Additionally, many of MAI’s projects require rigid adherence to budgets and schedules. One example of this is the Computer History Museum’s children’s addition in Mountain View, CA. The museum will be occupied during the project, and entails working around scheduled events while developing a state-of-the-art teaching environment for children ages K-12. The project includes arena-style seating, new HVAC installation, audio-visual instruction equipment and more. With a 15-week schedule and a project value of $1.5 million, the Computer History Museum addition is a testament to the flexibility of MAI Construction.

    MAI Construction supports a wide range of charitable endeavors such as the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Children’s Hospital and Research Center Foundation, Copper’s Dream Animal Rescue and many more as part of its community outreach and aid program. MAI and its personnel donate time, volunteer efforts and money to the foundations it backs, stating a preference for organizations whose charters reflect a desire to lead to the betterment of our future, both locally and globally.

    One of the foundational strategies which has made MAI Construction so successful is its safety and training program. All employees are given safety training and briefings, and project superintendents are required to complete a 10-hour OSHA training course. These initiatives and internal safety management processes have contributed to MAI Construction’s “A” rating from their workers’ compensation insurance provider, meaning they consistently achieve excellence in their safety protocols and practices.

    For more information about MAI Construction, Inc. and its capabilities and practices, please visit

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