Colonial still Luxurious Apartment Interiors | H designs

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Colonial still Luxurious Apartment Interiors | H designs


The Project was designed for young Clients who had a profound love for luxury hotels and colonial apartments

. The client brief included making their home look warm, inviting, spacious and royal at the same time. Our team brainstormed through this and got all these features aligned, that too in a very cost-controlled budget that the client had.


Interior Designers: H Designs, Pune.

Project type:3BHK,apartment

Project Name:F Residences, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Area: 1850 sq.ft

Principal Architects: Rashmi & Mitali Haswani

client: Mr. Sethi


The flooring of the entire colonial apartment has been revamped. The Armani brown flooring in the common areas and wooden floorings in the bedroom sets the tone of the house. It’s a big size tile which gives an illusion of marble flooring, it was not easy to source the exact shade which the team had in mind but after some intense tile-hunting, they were extremely happy with the chosen tiles.


The client requirements included an introduction of diffused lighting in the overall space, every room has mood lighting in the form of concealed ceiling lights or hanging lamps and profile lights.

Color Scheme:

The color scheme is neutral throughout the house to make it keep looking timeless.

Entrance Foyer:

A leather upholstered console with a Buddha artwork welcomes you into this beautiful home.


The low height Pipeline in the lobby is concealed with acrylic sheets and diffused lighting, which gives an illusion of a skylit space, making the otherwise cramped lobby into a well-lit one.

Living Room:

The French moldings on the walls give it the colonial look, and the bare wall perfectly accentuates the brown flooring and black and gold furniture.

The Brown Mirror panel wall is the focal point in the just multiplies the room to look twice as much. The mirror wall has worked wonders for the house! Its everyone’s favorite part of the home!

The Master bedroom:

The idea of suspending drapes from the ceiling came in when the couple did not agree on the idea of having a 4-poster bed.

The color scheme for this room is grey-white and a pop of red.

Grey vinyl flooring gives a darker base for the room which allows us to keep the furniture as neutral as possible.

There is hidden storage behind the bed, which is concealed and made to look like a faux wall.

Bedroom #2:

Beige and brown color scheme and extensive use of a mirror for this room keep it light and chic at the same time.

Bedroom #3:

The idea behind having a Royal blue headboard stretched to the ceiling was to give an elongated look and illusion of a bigger space. The headboard is highlighted with profile lights, which adds to the mood lighting of the room.


The string lights are a great inexpensive way to add life to any dull terrace, the artificial turf, blue distressed shoe rack-cum-seating, and hanging lights make it a magical place to relax and unwind.

Final Look:

Our clients were more than happy and delighted with the final result. Our goal of creating a royal look while ensuring that every living space looks spacious was achieved at modest pricing and well within the mutually agreed timeline. This house is now one of the most talked about residences in the vicinity. The true value of our efforts is measured in our client’s delight and happiness when their home transforms into their ‘dream home’ post the makeover.

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