Clutter free 500 sq.ft. Apartment Interior | Rathod’s Design

Clutter free 500 sq.ft. Apartment Interior | Rathod’s Design

Set in the leafy suburbs of Juhu, Mumbai, the Bhandari residence has become a talking point by setting an example of how clever design can transform standard spaces into something genuinely inspirational.

The Bhandari residence was a spacious 1BHK of 500 sq.ft. Situated in one of the old lanes of quaint Juhu. A diverse mix of indo-french roots, the Bhandari family had only one request – we need to breathe, clutter free. A difficult task for a growing family of 4 when their very lives are intertwined with their numerous daily requirements. However, when this project landed with the Rathod’s, design firm specializing into compact living and efficient space planning, the Bhandari family knew that they could triumph with their vision and perhaps ask for more.

Riddhi Rathod, Founder, Rathod’s has this to say, “ When the Bhandari family came to me, I knew this was going to be a transformational project. On a walkthrough of the house, I realized the immense potential of this space and what it could mean for the daily lives of the family. Cluttered, unkempt and practically dilapidated, the house was going to be a puzzle cube where all the parts had to fit just right.”

Riddhi has created a space that reflects the family’s essence and is stamped by the Bhandari family each step of the way. The space has been transformed into a spacious 2BHK with clean lines and contemporary, compact space saving solutions. Embracing natural light, the home’s central space is the family room which houses a digital piano as the central feature. The room glows with a soft colour palette and the morrocon tiles in the kitchen island providing a colour & design relief.  The living room features a customized sketch in Mario Miranda style depicting life in Mumbai and paris.

With C-shaped structure & two small kids, Riddhi faced the dilemma of privacy. The house is divided neatly into two parts. Foregoing curtains, the highlight of the house is the winter garden which forms the apex of the house and is cordoned off with glass doors. This provides an illusion of privacy with space. Lined with tall, green plants in the windows, a hanging, vertical garden, with blue tiles, the space equalizes the natural aura of the house & brings the Mediterranean a bit closer to home.

The kids’ bedroom had to follow the theme of minimalism yet had to accommodate their love for reading and academics. A library space for the books with a personalized alphabetical learning wall, with concealed storage for toys and knickknacks, the children can lay claim to the room with ease.

The bedrooms reflect the Bhandari family’s special moments and unique living style. Lined with customized Goan sketches, the master bedroom plays with a hue of colours such as beige, cyan & mirrors to make the room feel comfortable and private for the couple. Concealed storage provides the family a chance to entertain with ease.

Shades of blue, aqua green, brown and grey are splashed across the rooms. The bathrooms are in line with the Moroccon theme with the splendid use of patterned tiles and pebble wash basins. “The use of these colours and the natural materials for the rooms was to allow the house to be in sync with the natural world outside.”, comments Riddhi.

“Our house has become our heaven. We utilize each and every nook of this house and yet all we see is space. When we bought this house, we realized its potential but to see it as a reality is a feeling like no other” , says Amrita Bhandari. Compact living is the what the world is trending towards but who says compact living cannot reflect your soul, your life. Home is each and every space that connects to your life and the Bhandari house has transformed into exactly that.


Firm- Rathod’s Design

Project type- Residential Interiors

Location- Juhu, Mumbai

Area- 500 sq.ft.

Project year- 2019

Principal Architect- Ar. Riddhi Rathod

Design Team- Riddhi Rathod and Sangeeta Sanga

Photography- Anish Padalkar (@apstudioworks)

Text Credits-  Rathod’s Design

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