• Chlorine vs. Saltwater:Which is the Best Pool For you?

    According to a pool remodeling company, as a pool owner, you might not be aware of the debate that pits saltwater pools against chlorinated pools for the title of ‘the best.’ And while there are pros and cons to both systems, ultimately what you choose depends on what you want from your pool and how much work you’re willing to do.

    Let’s take a look at the two types of pools and their strengths and weaknesses.


    The Saltwater Pool

    Most people think that the saltwater pool is superior because it doesn’t use chlorine to keep the water clean, but that’s not true. Saltwater pools do have chlorine in the water, but that chlorine comes from a chlorine generator rather than being added physically. Also, some assume the water in a saltwater pool is similar to the ocean water, and again, that’s not true either. The average saltwater pool has 1/10th the salt that’s found in ocean water.

    Salt Water Pool Pros

    While there is chlorine in the saltwater pool, it’s less than what’s found in chlorine pools, which means it doesn’t affect your body as much. Also, the amount of chlorine in the saltwater pool isn’t enough to fade clothes, and some people say the water feel softer. Lastly, maintaining the chlorine level in the saltwater pool is easier than a chlorine pool, meaning you spend more time swimming in the pool than working on it.

    Salt Water Pool Cons

    By far the biggest negative with the saltwater pool is the expense; they are much more expensive at the outset than traditional pools. Also, the saltwater pool uses more electricity, so it’s more costly to operate. And, since saltwater pools are less common, it might be tough finding someone to work on it when something goes wrong. Lastly, salt damages machinery, lighting, and other pool accessories.


    The Chlorine Pool

    Chlorine pools are by far the most popular. If you have neighbors who have a pool, there’s a high chance it’s chlorine. To maintain the water quality with this type of pool, you must add the chlorine via tablets, or a liquid.

    Chlorine Pool Pros

    Since these pools are the most popular, they’re the less expensive of the two. It uses less electricity, so it’s cheaper to operate than a saltwater pool. Also, most pool toys, filters, sprayers, and other devices work fine in a chlorine pool. Lastly, because of their ubiquity, finding someone to work on your chlorine pool is easier than if you had a saltwater pool.

    Chlorine Pool Cons

    Since chlorine pools have high concentrations of chlorine, it can dry out your skin or burn your eyes. Chlorine can fade your swimsuit or your hair if it’s colored. Also, it can do damage to any pool deck material you have. And chlorine must be continually added to the water to maintain it, so you’re spending more time working on your pool than the saltwater pool.


    Both pools are great in their own right, and you’re sure to have years of fun whichever you choose.

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