Children Hospital Design With Pastel-Shaded Facade | Usine Studio

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Children Hospital Design With Pastel-Shaded Facade | Usine Studio

This vertical arrangement along with the perforations for window slits not only accentuates the verticality of the building but also withstands its place as the landmark in this area.

Good architecture always speaks for its users! A perfect example of such a contemporary setup is a recently completed pediatric hospital by Usine Studio, Vadodara. It not only speaks for its users but also succeeds in delivering a simplistic, breathable space with no hint of overdoing. The project came with the challenge of accommodating all the services and facilities in this small-sized plot of 2620 sq. ft.

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The exterior is an arrangement of vertical concrete slats– tinted using the technique of micro-concreting. This vertical arrangement along with the perforations for window slits not only accentuates the verticality of the building but also withstands its place as the landmark in this area.

The reception and the waiting area are a neatly designed space with a minimal approach. What brings tranquility here is the technique of micro-concreting in pastel shades that extends all along with this space. The pastel walls, the plain gray floor, and the white ceiling reflect in a lot of indirect light creating a soothing experience for the users.

Aluminum profile lights in the plain white ceiling run parallel to the floor tiles giving the space its dimensional characteristics. To further engross its little users, the caricatures take their own spot. The recession for the windows to bring in the indirect light, in turn, creates the niches for the seating and the display racks achieving the neatness in planning.

Stepping into the consultation room, the gaze shifts to the backlit stretchable ceiling with graphics to brighten up this space with indirect light. The graphics work dually in also keeping the toddler distracted when lying down for the checkups. It is a well-lit space with major use of whites and hints of yellow adding focal points into the setup. The neolith sheet on the wall and the tabletops are a perfect choice to achieve this desirable character for space.

Very consciously, the designers have achieved the same freshness across all its spaces- be it the general ward or the private wards. The same material palette and the design concept gets followed across all the wards. Materials that are easy to maintain and those that meet the standards, efficiently find their place in here. Neat design, adequate lighting, and ventilation suffice to the significance of the space. Rather than having a few large openings, the spaces have a narrower window slits to evenly distribute the light and also bringing up interesting views every time one looks through it.

One would get the inkling of this pediatrics center while transitioning from one floor to another. Various cartoon characters secure their place in the tinted concrete making the transition more interactive and amusing. For easy maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness, the folded plate stairs are surfaced with the plain vitrified tiles and steel railing.

This project very well justifies the enthusiasm of its user-group along with fulfilling the functional requirements of a facility with such multitudes. The ultimate output that gets manifested here is a sober, vivid and tranquilizing space for the patients to truly heal themselves.



Firm – Usine Studio

Project Name – Dev Children’s Hospital

Project location – Vadodara, Gujarat

Plot Area – 2620 Sq. Ft.

Gross built-up area – 7800 Sq. Ft.

Start Year – 01-Mar-2017

End Year – 10-July-2019

Photo credit – Tejas Shah

Principal Architects – Yatin Kavaiya & Jiten Tosar

Design Team – Ar. Hiral Solanki & Yesha Shah

PMC- Nimesh Panchal

Text Credit- Megha Hirani

Email- [email protected]

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram –


Principle Architects: Jiten Tosar & Yatin Kavaiya

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  • Being an interior designer, I liked your colour sense, way of thinking and your concept of design.

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