• Charcoal Palette, Earthy Neutrals and Moody Décor Adorns Luxury Home Design | Design Attire

    The 3000 sq ft penthouse in Dehradun just embodies the spirit of our design philosophy, aiming for a modern, luxurious home design.

    Charcoal Palette, Earthy Neutrals and Moody Décor Adorns Luxury Home Design | Design Attire

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    It is an elegant space bound by straight lines in architecture while retaining its flow by creative addition of design elements. Hues of blues and greys adorn the space, giving a royal look while emanating warmth. The uber modern kitchen impresses with its form as much as it does with its functionality. The rooms are abounded with wardrobes, giving extensive organized storage space while seamlessly merging with the flow of the room. Use electric blue in the dining and living area makes it an opulent yet cheerful space.

    The subdued grandeur is reflected by the dramatic center table adorned with geometric resin pattern. The articulate design embeds itself to create a magical symphony of sharp edges, with elegance of form, color and texture. 

    The kid’s bedroom is styled as contemporary, bright space which harmonizes the elements of child’s fantasy world. The bright neon light on the headboard takes one right out to a spaceship. The dreamy looking owls swaying on the clouds add a mesmerizing feel to the sleeping den. This custom designed wall paper was done in consultation with the child and brings to fore the fact that client has to only imagine the space they want and we will try to create it piece by piece building elements to reach the desired vision.

    The priority task of our firm is to create an attractive and comfortable space, taking into account the interaction of diverse areas with planning solutions which create flawless living spaces which are modern and yet timeless!

    Fact File

    Designed By: Design Attire

    Typology: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: Dehradun Penthouse

    Location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    Size: 3000 sq.ft.

    Principal Designers: Priya Rawal & Deepak Rawal

    Photography Credits: Ekansh Goel

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Design Attire

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